10/19/16 Comic Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week



Wacky Raceland #5

A bad batch of mutated mushrooms sends our antiheroes on a white-knuckle trip down memory lane. Flashes of repressed recollections bubble to the surface of the Racers’ fevered brains, and these tantalizing tidbits suggest a single point of origin: a high-tech facility from hell known as the Butcher Shop! Against the advice of the omnipresent Announcer, the Racers roar towards the facility. But will they find answers…or death?

Why must this be ending?  This was the first series I picked up that wasn’t a spin-off or a character I had fallen in love with watching Captain America Civil War (*cough* Black Panther *cough*), and as such it will likely always hold a special place in my heart.  Especially considering it just decided to get really good.

Reasons to pick this one up:  All the drivers are tripping.  While the series has always been entertaining, it took a turn to really good in it’s cliffhanger ending.

Reasons to avoid: It’s a two parter.  If you don’t do well with waiting, I would wait for the final volume to come out.  I have come to the sad conclusion that we are never actually going to get Sergeant Blast backstory, which is a tragedy.

Runner Up:



My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #47

Election Part 2: The election race between Filthy Rich and Mayor Mare is closer than expected! With disagreements between friends growing, will the town find a way to unify and chose the right candidate?

The official summary is misleading.  The election race is not close, it’s over and Filthy Rich is the new mayor.  A better summary is “Someone with no political experience gets elected and promises that were made quickly fall apart while life becomes almost unbearable in Ponyville.”  Not exactly subtle, but My Little Pony is well known for hitting the nail on the head.

Reasons to pick up:
Look, it’s the story of what happens when you elect someone into office that has no political experience.  The fallout is real.

Reasons to avoid: It’s like a crossover between Tremors and the 2016 Presidential Election.


 Honorable Mention:

415246-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Assassin’s Creed: Locus #2
Tommy Greyling, a Pinkerton agent in London, is on the tail of a murderer, and out of his element. Lucky for him, Inspector Abberline of Scotland Yard is on hand to show him how things are done in London – with the help of Evie Frye and Henry Green!

I’ve made it my mission to collect all the covers featuring Evie Frye as she is my main reason for reading this.  Which means she needs to be in it more.  I don’t actually care about any of those other people.


411780-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Harley Quinn #6

“EAT TO THIS BEAT” part two! Harley’s carving her way through the rock underground of New York City, looking for the brutal criminals who hurt someone she cared about…unfortunately for Harley, one of the crooks in question has fallen in mad love with her.

I do believe two weeks ago I said that I didn’t need the return of the Joker.  I stand by that assessment.  Although, the final panel of the “superhero and super-villain fetish club” was well worth the rest of it.




385594-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Torchwood #2
Far away from Cardiff and the Hub, Captain Jack and Gwen dive deep to unravel the secrets of an ancient, extinct civilisation, whose colossal megaweapons are being primed to affect the Earth. Caught between human agencies, infiltrating aliens, a unknowing public and an uncertain future, can a Torchwood stripped of its resources and staff still save the day?!

As a patron of all things Torchwood, clearly I had to have the comic written by John Barrowman added to my collection.  Now if only Torchwood hadn’t killed off all my favorite characters, maybe I would be able to get into this more.


413898-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Black Panther #7
THE CREW STARTS NOW! With no one left to trust, T’Challa leans on his day ones: Luke Cage. Misty Knight. Storm. But Wakanda may be too far gone for this all-new, all different CREW.

Look, I love all the characters involved, but I don’t want this tying into whatever the Marvel Now thing is.  I’m very much one of those people who wants to stick with the series that I like and ignore all the rest.  I don’t want to have to read fifty other series just to continue to enjoy Black Panther.  My wallet can’t handle it.

10/12/16 Comic Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week


Reborn #1


MARK MILLAR & GREG CAPULLO join forces to create the smash hit sci-fi / fantasy story of the year: REBORN. Where do you go when you die? Not heaven or hell; somewhere else. Somewhere you have to fight to survive. Somewhere the people from the past are waiting for you—the good and the bad.

Welcome to a world where instead of going to heaven or hell when you die, you get to go to a High Fantasy AU of your life!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want to be signed up for that.  Fighting dragons, defending the people, that sounds like my type of afterlife.

Reasons to pick this one up:  There’s a killer story line waiting to happen.  There’s also dragons, and sword fights, and the art is fantastic.

Reasons to avoid: It might be a bit too graphic for some people.

Runner Up:

395144-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_ 419748-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_

Grimm Vol 2 #1 and #2

What do Juliette, Adalind, Truble and Rosalee have in common? They’re the women in the life of Portland’s own Grimm, Nick Burkhardt, and they’re about to cross paths in a way they’d never expect! Set during the tumultuous fourth season of the hit television show, Juliette’s struggles to come to terms with becoming a Hexenbiest draw her into conflict with a new Wessen threat, and she finds she has nowhere to turn except her most hated enemy, Adalind! That’s right, the woman who impersonated Juliette and slept with Nick! Written by Caitlin Kittredge, the author behind the Nocturne City and Iron Codex novels (among many others) and Coffin Hill for Vertigo, with art by rising newcomer Maria Sanapo!

Juliette may have the incredible power of a Hexenbiest, but not the control that can allow her to trust herself, and when her and Rosalee’s investigation into a string of murderous Wesen art thefts requires intimidation, who better to take lead than the one Grimm left in Portland, Trubel!

So the reason these are both listed here as the runner ups is because a few weeks ago I neglected to pick up the first one not realizing that it was the tie-in to the show that I had been looking forward to.  Grimm Vol 2 follows the women in Grimm as they face their own challenges without Nick or any of the other male main characters.  Except Wu.  Wu makes a fantastic appearance.  There was also mention of calling Monroe, but he never actually showed up.  Damn shame too, since Monroe is my favorite.

Reasons to pick up:  It’s the women of Grimm and also covers the period during Season 4 when Juliette was still discovering her Hexenbiest powers.  It really covers a lot of stuff with what was going on in Juliette’s head that probably should have been included in the show.

Reasons to avoid: To be fair, the art, while beautiful on it’s own, made it hard for me to recognize the characters.  That was one reason I didn’t pick the first issue up when it came out because I didn’t recognize any of them on the cover.  (The second issue I recognized Trubel right away, which was how I knew I had screwed up the last time).


 Honorable Mention:

411795-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Wonder Woman #8

Year One Interlude: Young Barbara Ann Minerva is thrust on a quest for answers to the Amazons’ most ancient secrets.

Well, that at least helps me with some back story that I am sorely short on.





413978-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Star Wars: The Force Awakens #5

Rey has been captured by the evil First Order! Meanwhile, Finn plans a mission with the Resistance in order to save Rey and destroy Starkiller Base! Only the vicious Kylo Ren stands in their way…

Five volumes in I might as well buy all of it now.  But, oh, look, cute little Stormpilot and FinnRey hug.  I see no difference.

10/05/16 Comic Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week


Voltron: Legendary Defender #3 (of 4)

A beautiful princess in the clutches of a vicious space dragon? Seems like a job for Lance! Voltron’s (over)confident Blue Lion pilot swings into action but pretty soon learns that this monster is not at all what it seems.

Look, these Voltron comics are amazing, and if you’ve watched the new Netflix series and you aren’t reading these, you should go out and find them.  This month takes us onto an incredible journey into Lance’s mind, and it’s just like you might expect it to be.  There’s a lot of him chasing after princesses and nearly getting choked in return, and small amounts of Lance being in love with Hunk.  No, seriously.  At the beginning Lance is so dismissive of everyone else to the point where Shiro is his right hand man, too serious but over all a good guy, Pidge is a mathematical genius, Keith is “the other guy,” but Hunk, man does he have a lot to say about Hunk.


I’m also very disappointed in the fact that no one seems to be talking about the fact that apparently Hunk is a good singer.  Did we already know this and I just missed it or do people just not care?  Because I feel like we definitely need to incorporate this into more fanworks.

Now, listen, I’m totally a Heith shipper through and through, and would like to point out to everyone that Heith week starts tomorrow and you should all go enjoy the Toasted Marshmallow™ goodness.  But, this comic has me shipping Hance like nobody’s business.  Look at how Lance waxes poetic about him.  He’s got more good things to say about Hunk than he does about the princesses they encounter.  This comic makes a very good Hance argument that I don’t feel like fighting against.


Reasons to pick this one up:  There is literally nothing about this comic that is not pure Voltron gold.  From Lance thinking the universe revolves around him to the princess dumping him in favor of fawning over Pidge instead, everything about this issue is amazing.  Not to mention Lance being really salty about Keith, and the artwork, and the fact that they never seem to stand in one place for more than one panel.  It’s quite fantastic really.  You would think that they would be able to stand still for at least the duration of a conversation.

Reasons to avoid: You’re still in denial about the season 2 trailer and  don’t want to be reminded of Voltron at the moment.  We’re all here for you.

Runner Up:


Jessica Jones (2016-) #1

She is back after a decade! A lot has changed in the Marvel Universe and there are still many secrets hiding in the shadows. Secrets only a special woman like Jessica Jones can hope to uncover. Discover the haunting secrets from Jessica’s past in this blistering new series. Alias Investigations is open for business.

I don’t know much about the Marvel NOW thing they have going on, but this has enough intrigue on it’s own to keep me interested. Spoiler alert:  And I guess I now know the fate of Misty’s arm on Luke Cage. 

Reasons to pick up:  The cover art is gorgeous and I love a good mystery.

Reasons to avoid: It’s mostly just set up at this point and I’m holding onto a slim hope that it lives up to it’s promise.  I already dropped Deadpool and the Mercs for Money for not keeping my interest enough.


 Honorable Mention:


411775-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Harley Quinn (2016-) #5
“EAT TO THIS BEAT” part one! There’s been a string of brutal robberies and slayings up and down the East Coast, and the assailants are…knights on horseback?! Harley’s got a lead on the men behind the iron masks, but to find them she’s going to have to go undercover in the strangest place of all…New York’s punk scene!

It’s Harley Quinn, so it’s hard to go wrong with this one, although I could deal without the hinted return of the Joker.  Hate that guy.




416258-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_The Walking Dead #159
“THE WHISPERER WAR,” Part Three. The war rages on.

More zombies.  More people dying.  Oh, and Negan lost his one true love.  Such a shame.


9/28/2016 Comic Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week


Wacky Raceland (2016-) #4

Our heroes head to the radioactive remains of Las Vegas for a little R&R between races, hoping for a jackpot of ammunition to add to their dwindling supplies. Instead, they arouse the ire of the ganglord Neon Caesar, who’s got an ax to grind with Red. Meanwhile, Muttley and his vehicles are lost in the labyrinthine sewers beneath the streets when the gangs of Vegas unite to eradicate the Racers. Our heroes must go it alone against the combined might of the Caesars, the Pharaohs, the Clowns, and the terrifying Combovers, who have great weapons. Terrific weapons. Really, they have the best weapons.

With Kim & Kim and Wacky Raceland coming out the same day, I thought I was going to have a touch decision on my hands.  Turns out, I needn’t have worried.  Wacky Raceland has a Trump impression.  The best Trump impression.  Really, you should check it out.

Reasons to pick this one up:   The impassioned speech by the leader of the gang, the Combovers, makes this one a must read any day of the week.  Not to mention the fact that the cars are sentient actually became relevant this week.

Reasons to avoid: It’s ending, far too soon for my liking.  I could have read at least several dozen more volumes before I would have grown sick of it.

Runner Up:


Kim & Kim #3

Interstellar-cowboy life just keeps getting worse for our badass besties. On the hunt for Lady Babylon, Kim & Kim get shot out the sky by an unknown enemy and end up stranded on the frozen world of Never-Look-Back. But what they find there might be the breakthrough they’ve been looking for.

There was no universe in which Kim & Kim would not be the runner up if it hadn’t made the pick of the week.  If you’re not reading this series, I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  Female bounty hunters.  Mechanical gorillas.  Alien life forms.  What’s not to love?

Reasons to pick up:  Squad goals!

Reasons to avoid: None.  None whatsoever.

Honorable Mention:

 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #46
It’s election season in Ponyville and Mayor Mare looks to have the race in the bag. But when Filthy Rich throws his hat in the ring, all bets are off!

My Little Pony also decided to take on the 2016 presidential election with  business pony Filthy Rich running against career politician Mayor Mare because he thought politics would be better run by a business pony.  I’m glad the comic industry is getting so much mileage out of this.



Assassin’s Creed: Locus #1
Brand new story set in the stunning world of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate! Dive into the sordid underworld of Victorian London, and the memories of New Yorker, Tommy Greyling, as he teams up with Evie Frye and Henry Green to search for a Piece of Eden that has the potential to change the world!

Evie Fyre is my favorite assassin, and I think this is only supposed to be four volumes long ,so I figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out.



Wonder Woman (2016-) #7
“THE LIES” part 4! One god down-how many more to go? Diana takes another step closer to the truth, and Steve Trevor confronts his past!

Still like the art on this one better than Year One, but it looks like the two are going to start melding together soon.

9/21/2016 Comic Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week


My Little Pony: Friends Forever #32

The shiest pony who’s ever shied, Fluttershy, meets the most adventurous adventurer ever: Daring Do! When the two embark on a perilous journey together it may be up to Fluttershy to teach Daring Do the meaning of bravery!

This was a little late because I had a hard time making a decision this week.  I only picked up the two, and while neither one was necessarily bad, neither one wowed me either.  Ultimately, I went with My Little Pony because I’m a sucker for Daring Do and particularly the villains that come along with her.  I also feel a strong affinity with Fluttershy.

Reasons to pick this one up:   Daring Do stories generally don’t disappoint, even though this one is a little heavy handed with the meaning of bravery.

Reasons to avoid: It’s heavy handed with its morals, which is unsurprising given that subtlety was never the strong suit of the franchise.

Runner Up:


Harley Quinn (2016-) #4

“108 MILLION WAYS TO DIE!” Even though she hates to leave Coney Island as it rebuilds after the zombie apocalypse, Harley must set out on a journey that will take her around the world-and into the clutches of a bizarre robotic enemy! Too bad her Mecha-Harley suit didn’t fit in the overhead bin…

Harley Quinn rarely disappoints, and her quest to shut down call centers struck close to him.  Especially since I have been getting that same IRS call at least four or five times a week for the past several months.  Shut them down, Harley.  Shut them down.

Reasons to pick up:  It’s Harley Quinn.  Also, the alternate cover with her and Poison Ivy is gorgeous.  I managed to snag alternate covers for both my picks this week.

Reasons to avoid: Eh, it’s not the best volume that’s come out of this particular series so far, but at least it’s not boring.



Comic Pick of the Week 09/14/2016

Pick of the Week

407215-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_ 416931-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_

Voltron: Legendary Defender #1 and #2 (of 4)

When Team Voltron takes on a dangerous training mission in deep space, Coran, Princess Allura’s majordomo, is captured by an ancient enemy. It will take teamwork, smarts, and, of course, Voltron, to save their friend’s life.

As Team Voltron searches for a treasure that can settle Coran’s debt and save his life, the beasts they have to fight keep getting bigger and nastier! When a mountain monster has Voltron on the ropes, Hunk realizes they’ll need more than brute strength to stop it.

Look, I know both of these are older, but I jumped on the Voltron bandwagon kind of late. Hunk and Keith need to totally date already.  Since they were my favorites from this week’s haul, they tied for my top pick of the week.  It’s written by the show writers so you don’t have to worry about any moments where the characters don’t feel like themselves.  I don’t know why this just wasn’t an episode, but I guess they make more money by releasing additional material as a comic.The first one is  a great start, but the second one is where this story really starts to shine.  (Which makes it a darn shame that it’s only going to be four volumes long.  I suggest a petition to continue this indefinitely while we’re waiting for season 2).  Benefits of the second issue definitely include the team deciding that maybe its better if they listen to Hunk, unlike the last time with the pirates.

Reasons to pick this one up:  Um, it’s Voltron, and I think we could all use a little more Voltron while waiting for the second season.  Also, Hunk gets to be in the spotlight, which is something that needs to happen more in general.  I vote to promote Hunk to the star of the show.

Reasons to avoid:  Keith, don’t be mean to Hunk.

Runner Up:


Black Panther (2016-) #6

RISE OF THE DORA MILAJE! T’Challa’s failures as king are revealed to the UNITED NATIONS! Ayo and Aneka, the Midnight Angels, are courted by Tetu and The People to raise Wakanda to glory, but at what price? The storyline that has critics raving and retailers selling out continues!

I picked up this series after falling in love with T’Challa watching Civil War.  If you aren’t reading this one yet, it’s definitely one to check out for the politics alone.

Reasons to pick up:  The Midnight Angels, who I hear are going to be getting their own series soon, continue to inspire me.  It’s amazing watching all the stories unwinding together, and I’ll probably end up rereading the first five soon.

Reasons to avoid:  You’ve had enough of politics on Facebook and don’t want to think about it during your comic reading time.

Honorable Mentions:

397968-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Wonder Woman (2016-) #6

WONDER WOMAN YEAR ONE” part 3!Diana brings Steve back home, but the reception is not what either of them expected. Amid suspicion and a looming threat, the Patrons pay a visit, and new friendships are forged.I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not as fond of Year One as I am of The Lies.  However, both series have had consistently gorgeous coverart.  Gods as woodland creatures is also a plus.




Something Else I Picked Up This Week:

406380-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adaptation #4 (of 6)

Rey, Finn, Han and Chewie have reached Maz Kanata’s castle…but the Force is calling Rey to Luke’s lightsaber! Meanwhile, our heroes have been discovered! The First Order strikes!

Honestly, I’m only still reading this because I’m halfway through and I feel committed now.  Although, there was a whole page dedicated to the one helluva pilot scene, and that pleases me.

9/7/2016 Comic Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week


Kim & Kim 2

With fugitive Tom Quilt in tow, the Fighting Kims go off in search of the mysterious Lady Babylon, only to come up short. Turning to necromancy to help find her, things go about as badly as they possibly can.

I love these two girls.  I’ve been looking forward to the second issue of this one for months.  Picked the first up on a recommendation and have never regretted it.  If you aren’t reading this one yet, I highly recommend it.  Kim & Kim both stars a transwoman and was written by a transwoman.

Reasons to pick this one up:   The art is gorgeous and the costumes are amazing.  Kim and Kim are amazing besties who are friendship aspiration goals.  The team is composed of mostly women and puts women in the front and center.  There’s also sandworms, necromancy and bounty hunting.

Reasons to avoid: There are literally no reasons not to pick this one up.  The only thing I would change is have them come out a little more frequently.  The wait was interminable.

Runner Up:


Poe Dameron #6

Poe and Agent Terex are in a race…to break out of jail! But with Black Squadron surrounded by deadly inmates…their only hope is BB-8?!?

In correction to my last post talking about this series, the blue murderbot actually belonged to Jessika Pava.  I thought it was Snap’s because I had matched the droids up with the colors on the helmets from an earlier issue, but, apparently, the droids were not color coded for mine or anyone else’s convenience.

This issue features droids, prisoners, and more spaceship battles.

Reasons to pick up:  I mean, who doesn’t love BB-8, especially when that little droid is saving the lives of everyone else in Black Squadron.  Kare is still alive, although I have good money on her being the mole.  Don’t let me down, Kare.  Don’t exist in this comic just to be Snap’s love interest.  (Side note: I actually ship Snap/Kare, but I dislike characters who exist only to be love interests.)

Reasons to avoid: Look, Snap got injured, and I don’t know if it was supposed to create dramatic tension or not, but it really didn’t since Snap is one of the people we know survives the end of the series.  Tiny little alien creature and maybe a crapton of prisoners die.


Honorable Mention

423826-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_“Ponies of Dark Water Part 3” Chaos reigns over Ponyville as normal ponies across town turn evil! It’ll be up to Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, with the help of an unexpected ally, to save the day!

Um, evil ponies don’t really seem that evil.  I mean, evil Rainbow Dash seemed a little cocky, but there is some truth in what she was saying.  I don’t know if I would go as far to say that she was faster than all the Wonderbolts combined, but it’s a pretty safe bet to say that she is faster than all the other Wonderbolts.  Also, I love when Evil Twilight is a thing.  It’s one of my favorite parts about the third Equestria Girls movie.


397953-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_“DIE LAUGHING” part 3! In this concluding chapter, Coney Island threatens to collapse completely under a tidal wave of zombies! Harley’s got a lead on a cure-but what’s it going to take to administer it to a thousand flesh-hungry fiends? Here’s hoping Poison Ivy has an idea…

Unfortunately, the zombies are gone, but on the plus side, the teenage runaway alien is going to be okay after he gets fused back together by his parents.   Poison Ivy and Harley are back together again, and going to the Bahamas soon.



404779-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_“THE WHISPERER WAR” Part Two. The war rages on.

Zombies, zombies, zombies, and some guy’s  a dick.  I skipped about 150 volumes before I started reading, so I’m a little behind and am still not entirely sure who is who.