Dear Customer who stuck up for his little brother, | Up and down we go..

This is a great article about acceptance (by a woman who presumably works in a game store) that everyone should read.  It’s about a kid whose dad thinks he needs to be more macho, and his older brother who accepts him just the way he is.

Unfortunately, this story is also a reminder that the bullies kids face isn’t always their classmates.  If parents cannot accept their children for who they are, how are the children ever supposed to accept themselves?  I’ve sadly had first hand-experience with this, although not to this extent, as someone I am familiar with has repeatedly expressed his displeasure with the fact that his son likes the color pink.  It’s just a color.  It’s just a game.  Neither of them are a reflection on you or your masculinity.  And they are certainly not a reflection on your child’s masculinity either.

Kudos to the older brother for allowing his younger brother to get the game he wanted, and for sticking up to their father.


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