This is the official documentation of the first official HOPSIS mission, codenamed Lotus.  In late August, former BHCS member Serafina Austin began investigating a string of deaths in a northwestern Pennsylvania college town.  When former government agents tried to kill her in her home, she contacted her former partner John McClain, and together they went to conduct a private investigation.

While on site, they discover the accidents seem to be related to a research facility, Emerson Inc.  They discover BHCS trained Lucas is head of security, and the plant has had no recent security breaches.  But Art-history major Amanda Sheppard has heard stories about a giant creature roaming the woods, a creature that sounds like a bioweapon that Serafina and John have faced before.  Even with the aid of esteemed surgeon Dr. Talos, it’s unlikely they will survive.  Further details will be forthcoming as the mission progresses.


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