Review: The Finest Creation

The Finest Creation
The Finest Creation by Jean Rabe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The cover says this book was like a cross between Black Beauty and C.S. Lewis, but a far more accurate description would be C.S. Lewis meets Mercedes Lackey’s Valdamar series. With strong religious undertones, the story follows the adventures of Meven and his younger sister Kal as they journey from the temple to their cousins wedding. In this world, the five good gods created the Finest, special creatures with magical powers that take on the guise of horses to shepherd humans that are worth saving. The two evil gods created a team of supernatural birds that act as assassins. For some reason, someone wants the entire royal family dead, including the cousins who had previously been headed towards a life in the church. The only downside to this book was it was just really starting to get into the thick of the plot when it ended, leaving room for the second and third book. Be warned, however, that this book does not really stand on its own as it was clearly meant to be continued later.

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