Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

My comp space, ready for use.

This unaltered photo is my cubicle from my senior year of college.  At the beginning of the semester, we were allowed to choose a desk that would be our work space for the rest of the semester, a quiet place in the library where we could work on our senior projects.  We could keep our books on it, decorate it however we wanted, and if anyone else decided they wanted to try to use it, we have every authority to kick them out.  I did have to kick out a few freshmen every once in a while.  You would think the pile of empty water bottles would be enough to convince them that that space is occupied.  I’m unsure why anyone would want to sit with someone else’s water bottles anyway.

Not only does this picture represent that I was ready to start my comp, it also signals that I was ready to start my life as a professional…. well, now I’m a professional deli clerk.  However, when I start to feel like there is nothing else out there for me, I take out this picture and remember that if I could tackle the Allegheny Comp, then I am more than ready to tackle the rest of the world.  And that is what motivates me to keep moving in spite of failures.  This picture reminds me that I am ready.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

  1. It’s great to have a shot like this to bring to mind what you set out to do. I have one of my college painting station and it brings back such memories and passion when I look at it (I’m a painter stuck in the corporate world). Keep your motivation at the ready and things will come.

    • I took that photo because at the time I participated in a photo challenge and one of the things I had to take a photo of was where I spent the most time. So, since that was when I was working on that project, I took the picture there. Now I’m extremely glad I have it as a reminder of all the things I can do.

      Good luck with your painting!

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