Stop Wasting Your Life

The featured image is from the game Old Maid.  I’m not sure how the game is played, but a traditional old maid is typically much older than 3+.  In fact, I don’t believe the actual term is in much use today.  However, according to some of my coworkers, you might as well replace this old lady with a picture of me, put a black cat in my lap and give me thicker glasses, and I would be the very definition of an old maid. 


One of my coworkers made the comment to me today “When are you going to quit wasting your life here and find yourself a man?”  First of all, I don’t really understand what this preoccupation with finding a man is.  She has two kids, a live-in boyfriend, and she’s had the same job since she was 16.  I’m really not sure what makes her the authority on what constitutes wasting your life.  You see, I have plans for my own life, and at the moment they do not include being tied down to someone just for the sake of having someone, or possibly having a child that would derail all my other plans.  Quite frankly, if a man decides he wants to work his way into my life somehow, that’s his prerogative, but I’m not about to reschedule my current life for someone else, and I certainly don’t think I’m wasting my life by not looking for one.

The other thing I could not comprehend was how my relationship status is any of her business.  She’s a coworker, one I barely work with and that I never talk to outside of work.  I don’t appreciate some family members prying into my relationship status, so I don’t see why I would accept her questioning.  Yet, for some reason, the population today is obsessed with sexuality.  Whether or not someone’s getting any, who they’re getting with it, people have a needs to know disease when it comes to other’s relationships.  For instance, the most talked about topic with Kim Kardashian is her recently failed marriage, not to mention the constant prying into celebrities’ lives to know who they are doing.  This point actually gets exemplified in The Hunger Games, when Peeta and Katniss gain the support of the audience by pretending to be a couple.

Your coworkers relationship status is none of your business, and someone is not wasting their life just because they don’t want to be juggling school, a low-paying job, a writing gig and a boyfriend at the moment.


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