Daniel Licht’s Forage Into Silent Hill

▶ Daniel Licht – “Downpour Intro” (from Silent Hill: Downpour) by Milan Records.

For many fans of the Silent Hill series, the loss of Akira Yamaoka, long time musical composer for the series, was a devastating blow.  For some purists, the series has been going down hill ever since Silent Hill 2, while others maintain Silent Hill 3 was the last truly great game of the series.

The one thing that has been consistent, however, was the haunting strains of Akira’s melodies.  The music has become such a staple, he’s even agreed to work as composer on the upcoming Silent Hill movie, despite his departure from the game franchise.

Some people were skeptical of Daniel Licht as his replacement, and others were downright dismissive.  Having heard his previous work on Dexter, and finding the music hauntingly beautiful, I was excited to see what he might possibly bring to the table in the world of video games, his first venture into the field.  From the intro clip provided, he’s not going to disappoint.  It makes me even more excited for the game’s release in early March.  I hope this is one thing that the Silent Hill fans can all agree on: Daniel Licht knows the sounds that make Silent Hill unique.

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