Mass Effect 3 – Day 1

My release day copy of Mass Effect 3 did not arrive until just as I was leaving for work yesterday morning, so unfortunately, I did not get to insert it into my PS3 until late last night, giving me only two hours to experience the game.  First impressions on the bow: I love the idea of the reversible cover.  My experience with updates on the game consisted of who was included in the S/S romances, so it was a pleasant surprise.  Now, the lovely lady above is pictured on my cover, and I have no intentions of ever switching it back.

I decided since my canon playthrough of Mass Effect 2 is still in effect, I would start a brand new character.  His name is Harry.  He has green eyes and a mohawk.  VS was Kaidan.  At the moment, I’m thinking about playing as much of a paragon as I possibly can.

The new style of gameplay feels a bit like I’m playing Uncharted again, what with all the running around and the improved melee sections.  I’m not complaining.  Uncharted remains one of my favorite games on the system, so a similar gameplay feels like an improvement so far.

The story so far… Well, I didn’t get much past what was included in the demo.  You know, reapers invade Earth, you have to go stop them, Anderson stays behind and will most likely be smashed by the end of the game.  I did, however, manage to get to the Mars section, where they promptly took James away and shuffled me off with Liara.  Who apparently thinks we’re BFFs or something.  I wanted James, I don’t want to be your BFF right now.  Not to mention she kept telling me to stop shooting at the enemy and to use my powers, when she was the one that kept shooting at them.  Hypocrite.  Go steal Miranda’s office and stay there.  Shame we can’t shove you in Jack’s old room.  Without revealing too many spoilers, the Mars bit ended, and I was all, “Oh no you didn’t, bitch!”

Let’s talk about this man for a bit.  I don’t know if I’m the only one who got this vibe, but it seems to me that the game wants me to ship Kaidan with Shepard regardless of Shepard’s gender.  First of all, the character creation screen says that the tragic loss of Ashley caused the two of you to have a deep, psychological bond.  And then during the actual gameplay, he’s always in the background doing something, like “Look at me, Shepard, look at me!  I’m useful!”  Then there were these strange intimate conversations that were making me feel like they were prequeered for my convenience.  Understandably, he probably has the same conversations with FemShep, which might just make it seem even more awkward.

Sadly, I did not have time to explore the new Normandy yet.  Hopefully, we shall have updates on that by tomorrow.


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