Nagron Appreciation Post

Let's face it, the fourth kiss is too long to include in this gif.

Warning: This post will be image heavy.

Now that the Spartacus: Vengeance finale has aired, I feel it’s time for a Nagron appreciation post, to give thanks to the actors and Steven S. DeKnight for granting us such a convincing and adorable relationship.  That, and I cannot contain my feelings for them any longer.  If you have yet to see the Vengeance finale, or it has yet to air in your country, please either look away or be warned that there are spoilers for the entire season in this recap.  So, we’re going to recap their relationship from episode 1, rec some fanworks, and discuss what might possibly be going on with them in season 3.  Because this, and every day until Season 3 airs, is Nagron appreciation day.

Spartacus 2×01 – 2×02

Agron starts the season in a dark place.  Having recently lost Duro, he’s reckless, ruthless, and while in battle, so single-mindedly obsessed with killing whatever Roman is currently standing in front of him that’s he’s not always cognizant of what’s going on around him.  Luckily for him, Nasir’s name means “helper” or “one who brings victory.

So, at one of the villas they “liberate,” former body slave Tiberius attempts to kill Spartacus because he’s just a little ticked that he no longer gets to be a pampered pet.  Well, if that was all you had known your entire life, I suppose all the dirt on those gladiators would be initially repulsive.  Crixus and Agron are all for killing him before he can strike again, but Spartacus determines they are going to train him instead.

Not that Agron is complaining too much about that.  It gives him the opportunity to practice his creepy stalker gazing from a distance.




And then later, he decides to use the opportunity to practice his flirting.  Which is a little rusty, to say the least.  When talk turns to the rebellion, things quickly go sour, which was likely not the outcome he was hoping for.

However, whether it was Agron’s bad attempts at flirting, the fact that Agron was the only one to talk to him, or just the fact that Nasir realized that gorgeous specimen of a man was not going to survive long on his own, Nasir finally dedicated himself to the rebellion fight.  Granted, his first act of rebellion was to save Spartacus’ life, but if you watch closely, it was only after Agron took a sword punch to the face because he was too busy taking his aggressions out on a different Roman, that Nasir decided to join the fight.

In a sweet bonding moment, he reveals to them his true name, but in actuality, he was only talking to Agron.  Poor Spartacus just didn’t realize it yet.

Spartacus 2×03 – 2×04

Some more flirting goes on.  During rather inappropriate moments at times.  In fact, Agron all but gives Nasir an open invitation.  Too bad Nasir didn’t recognize it as such yet.

But let’s focus on what else is going on.  Agron was so focused on the Roman that was already on the ground that he didn’t even notice the other one sneaking up on his side.  That almost drove a sword through his back.  Luckily, Nasir was there to take care of that little problem, or that would be the end of our appreciation post.

Chadara, on the other hand, was apparently less dense about the situation, and encourages her friend to go for it with Agron.  I assume that she already tried to seduce him herself and failed.

Perhaps he would have taken her advice to heart had he not felt so guilty about Naevia being stuck in the mines while poor Crixus lamented over her death.  At any rate, Nasir and Agron temporarily part ways while Agron declares rescuing Naevia is a suicide mission and Nasir feels too guilty about leaving her there.  Which was something I always found odd, because Nasir doesn’t know Naevia from any other slave left to rot away in the mines, but it’s Crixus’ plight without her that drives him to not only tell Crixus the truth, but to aid in the rescue mission.  Why?  Maybe we’re just supposed to believe that Nasir is that good of a person.

So why does Nasir feel compelled to ease Crixus’ pain?  Maybe because he already realizes how broken Agron is over Duro’s death.  Maybe he knows what Spartacus will later tell to Agron, that he would have felt different had it been Duro they could have been saving.  Maybe he thinks by rescuing Naevia he can show Agron that there is hope for the future.

At any rate, their separation allows for a rather beautiful reunion, where Spartacus once again gets ignored in favor of the fact that those two really are more involved with each other.  I think he starts to realize that after Agron goes rushing past him after only a pat on the shoulder so he can be more concerned with checking on Nasir, who by this point has been badly wounded.

Nasir gives a weak smile when he recognizes him, probably grateful he got to see him one last time, and Agron… well, you can tell Agron has a lot of regrets.

Spartacus 2×05 – 2×08

Four episodes that are remarkable for having as many kisses as number of episodes.  They’re also my favorite four episodes of the season.

After they make it to the temple, Agron goes to Naevia who is tending to a still unconscious Nasir.  She says they never should have come to the mines to rescue her, and when Agron protests that he tried to stop them, she chastises him and tells him he should have tried harder.  According to Word of God, this is the conversation that made Agron realize he should act on his feelings for Nasir before it was too late.

However, there were plenty of good reasons both in universe and out as to why they should not have acted sooner.  On the one hand, it seems ridiculous that they waited so long with the amount of flirting going on between them.  However, from a meta standpoint, it made sense for Nasir to wait because the audience might assume he was using Agron as a replacement for his dominus, rather than the loving relationship the show was trying to develop.  From Agron’s viewpoint, it makes sense for him to hesitate because he so recently lost Duro.  Since they are still fighting, it would make sense for him to be afraid of letting himself love someone again when there was always the threat of losing them.  Of course, when Nasir got stabbed by a Roman anyway, it was much like a wake up call that informed him in no uncertain terms that Nasir could die, with or without him acting on his feelings for him.  Which was most likely the driving force behind the most adorable kiss in Starz history.

And the next few episodes pass relatively uneventful.  They’re in a rather blissful honeymoon period.  Nasir slowly recovers, they eat dinner together, they kiss some more, and oh, Nasir wears Agron’s clothes while he’s gone.  He also apparently does not comb his hair.  Say it’s from the training all you want, but the mess in the back of his hair only comes around from sleeping on it and not combing it for an extended period.

And sometime after his return, Agron apologizes to Crixus and tells him he totally understands the being in love thing now.

Oh, and then after Nasir was fully healed, they started making out in a hallway, and Katrina Law tricked them into making out for longer than they necessarily had to.  Stay classy, Miss Law.

Spartacus 2×09 -2×10

With the finale growing closer, it was time for some massive background Nagron action.  Which made this one of the most entertaining episodes of the season.  Well, that and Gannicus’ version of making friends.

But seriously, there are plenty of image sets out there about how adorable they were in this episode.  Words can never fully describe it.  But I do have to pick out a few of my favorites.  Because really, the best thing about this episode, despite the fact that they were in the background for most of it, was a subtle showcase of how much the two of them have grown as characters, not only since the start of the season, but since they found each other.

Agron is in a much calmer place was then when he started the season.  He’s not causing unnecessary fights with the other gladiators, he’s actually instrumental in helping to stop all the unruliness.  He’s more focused when he’s fighting, so no one has to worry about whether or not Nasir is watching his flank quite as much as before.  He actually smiles now instead of the crazy eyes he was sporting at the beginning of the season.  Oh, and when he asked Spartacus if they should win everyone over with soft kisses and words of love, I was waiting for Spartacus to call him out on it.  And because it deserves an honorable mention, how adorable was the little headbutt he gave Nasir when he was called to fight?

As for Nasir, am I the only one amazed at how subtle his development came about?  You would barely be able to recognize him from the first two episodes.  He’s much more fiesty, something that was always there but has now had room to grow, he’s much more quick to stand up for himself.  Oh, and absolutely no one is allowed to call him “little man” except for Agron.  Which might top the list of top Nagron moments 2012.

As for the finale, what can I say?   They were barely in it.  At all.  It was the most magical thing I had ever seen, because around the time it was 10:30 and they only had three lines between the two of them, I knew they were safe until  next season.  At which point we can all appreciate Nagron some more.

What’s Next?

Steven DeKnight said he was interested in exploring the gay relationship deeper in season 3. In the finale, during one of the few shots of Agron, there’s an interesting cut to him during one of Spartacus’ freedom speeches. Which makes you wonder what it is exactly Agron is fighting for. Anyone connected to Duro’s death is dead, and if it were just him, I suppose he wouldn’t mind dying at Spartacus’ side while rescuing complete strangers. But it’s not just him anymore, and Agron has already shown that he disapproves of suicide missions immensely, especially when Nasir is involved. Possibly because Duro was killed during a suicide mission. The same applies for Crixus, who only joined to rescue Naevia. It would be interesting to see the show possibly explore that. Or maybe they’ll just have sex all season long and then die.

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4 thoughts on “Nagron Appreciation Post

  1. well, first, thanx a lot for writting this. The loving side of the relationship was better than the barcas’ fisrt season where it was more sex than love… and Nasir has a manly side i loved and the world need to appreciate.. gay is not just fem side….
    i hope if there’s a new season, they can be show more love an sex of course, lol…. but now there are some relationships they can give a soft side to the series after all the thousand galoons of blood, great fights and injustice…
    i love all the spartacus seasons…. i;m a big big fan of them….
    I’m sorry if my english is poor but i wanted to share my gratutude to this note that i love….

  2. This post is adorable and made me LOL at several moments. I have straight girl Nagron fever and this fanned the flames. Can’t wait to finish up season 2 even though I’m already past the best part (Nagron make out scene)!!!

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