Review: Carpe Demon

Carpe Demon
Carpe Demon by Julie Kenner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kate Connor is a typical soccer mom with a colorful past. Orphaned, she was raised by the Vatican to hunt demons and she eventually marries her partner, Eric. Together, they have a daughter, but then Eric dies. Now retired, Kate is remarried, with a toddler from second husband, Stuart, who knows nothing about her past as a demon hunter. But when a demon comes crashing through her front window right before an important dinner party, Kate is forced out of retirement and back into the saddle.

Carpe Demon is exactly the kind of light, entertaining read you would expect from the title. The plot is easy to follow, and for the most part, Kate remains likeable. Every so often you wonder why no one seems to catch on to her extracurricular activities, but eventually her neighbor does and joins the squad in a research type position. Some people have found the fluff to be over the top, with Kate focusing more on her current family and how much she loves them as opposed to the demons at hand, but it works well with the theme of the book. It’s not about a demon hunter. It’s about a mother who just happens to hunt demons when they come to threaten her family. Yes, she does mention several times how lucky she is that Stuart loves her when she’s not the perfect wife, but that just shows how grateful she really is to have her friends and family in her life. For someone who spent her youth without a normal life, she is going to focus on the good that she has currently. Not to mention, while she may comment on how lucky she is that such a wonderful husband loves her, Stuart as described in the book is far from perfect. What makes him so wonderful in her eyes is the simple fact that he loves her, even though it’s obvious he works too hard and he never really connected with her daughter.

There’s not much you can take away from this book other than a good time, but if you want to read about a soccer mom with demons in her backyard (and really, who doesn’t have those?) it’s worth picking up to read.

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