Why Archery was Awesome Before Katniss, Thank You Very Much

Thanks to the Hunger Games popularity, and the flawlessness that is Jennifer Lawrence in everything she does, I imagine that demands for archery lessons have increased, especially in young females.  Seriously, guys, the option was always available to you to pick up a bow and learn how to use it, and you wait until a movie about a fictional society that would totally suck to live in to learn?  Archery was already awesome in the real world, and people have quite often ignored it.

Let’s face it, archery has always been awesome.  For centuries, it was one of the best methods for getting food.  Can’t run down a deer?  Fine, just shoot it with your trusty bow instead.   You needed to know how to hunt if you wanted to survive.  Then there was archery in warfare.  That enemy with the sword can’t get you if you shoot him first.  Unless, he’s heavily armored.  Although, for the record, a tossed battle axe pawns a bow and arrow any day.  Of course, if you threw your battle axe in the middle of a battle, you would also be out of luck.

As far as strong women with bows goes, before Katniss, there were the Amazons.  And they were real.  They made the bow look sexy first.  Oh, and they were rumored to have cut off their left breast to keep it out of the way because they were that dedicated to their cause.  Alright, Katniss, let’s see you do that for your survival.  Actually, no, let’s not do that.

The point is, if you’re contemplating taking archery, do it for the history of humanity’s survival and not because some chick in a fictional world made it look cool.

If you’re interested, here’s a list of archery ranges in the Pittsburgh area.  I would call ahead to see if they have rentals you can work with.


2 thoughts on “Why Archery was Awesome Before Katniss, Thank You Very Much

  1. We were studying the samurai in history. They sounded very powerful with the katana. Then I learned they used a bow and arrow. That was awesome. Our teacher brought in a yumi bamboo bow made in Japan from actual baby bamboo and hemp. It was amazing. After that, I made my own bow, long, to look like a samurai yumi bow and had long arrows to fit it. I also carried it in my hand to shoot like them. I then I saw the hunger games. I admit, i was fascinated. But I still think katniss could of been faster. Let’s face it: a samurai with a bow and katniss we a bow, tthe samurai would shoot three arrows at her before she realized the he samurai was going to shoot her.

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