Supernatural: We’re Going to Candy Mountain, Charlie!

Supernatural: Season 7 – The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

In one of the better episodes of the season, the Winchesters have resumed the hunt for the Leviathans, specifically what it is Dick Roman is digging for, and Felicia Day guest stars as a version of herself named Charlie.

Here’s what happened: Dean takes a swig from Bobby’s flask and the man himself, more or less, appears and tells them that he’s figured out the leviathans’  master plan.  Cure all diseases so the critters can have an all you can eat buffet of healthy humans.  It doesn’t seem so bad, really, losing the threat of disease, when the trade-off is that maybe you’ll die by getting eaten instead.  I mean, isn’t that kind of how natural immunities crop up in humans, by evolution that makes us vulnerable to some other type of disease?  Anyway, while they’re discussing Dick, they get an e-mail from the dearly departed Frank, informing them that someone is hacking into his harddrive.  They track the signal and find that it’s coming from Candy Mountain… The Death Star… I mean Richard Roman Enterprises.

Inside RRE, Felicia, I mean Charlie, is using her amazing hacking abilities to be a modern day Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and donating to charity.  She’s also very much a geek.  She has a sword in her house, a Hermoine bobble head on her desk, she’s a Harry/Hermoine shipper (I assume, since she was cut off right in the middle of the part where she said Hermoine ‘ended up with the wrong…’), and she also happens to be a lesbian.  The best part about that is it has absolutely nothing to do with her plot at all.  She’s just a really awesome hacker who is also a lesbian.  Nothing here to see.  Although it did lead to a rather amusing scene where Dean was coaching her on how to flirt with a security guard.  Effectively meaning that Dean was flirting with said security guard, something Sam picked up on rather quickly.

With Sam and Dean’s help, Charlie breaks into the office and discovers what Dick was looking for.  There’s also a bit of sabotage involved so that Dick ends up with the wrong package.  Ahem.  After discovering he’s been duped, Dick locks down the building with Charlie inside and the boys outside.

Luckily, Bobby hitched a ride inside with Charlie, cracks the glass so Dean and Sam can make a heroic rescue, and goes all poltergeist on Dick.  Hurrah!  Unfortunately, Sam and Dean don’t see it that way, and spent the last few minutes talking about how Bobby went all vengeful spirit and broke Charlie’s arm.  Excuse me, boys, but if it wasn’t for Bobby, Charlie would be dead, and I’m sure we can all agree that that would be worse than a broken arm.  So kindly quit yer bitchin’.

The other thing I would like to point out is how much I enjoyed the performance of James Patrick Stuart in this episode.  His delivery was absolutely flawless, and he’s quickly becoming my favorite villain of all time on the show.  Sorry, Crowley, but while you’ve been absent, he’s been charming his way into my heart.  I’m going to be very sad to see him go at the end of the season.

Oh, on that note, we had Jared Padalecki, Felicia Day and James Patrick Stuart in one complete geektastic episode and not one single Kingdom Hearts reference?  That was the second failure on the part of the writers.  The first being that title.  It’s all “She’s a hacker, much like Lisbeth, but she’s also a geek, so we’re going to call it ‘The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo!’  Never mind that it’s ridiculously long and convoluted, it’s far too awesome an opportunity to pass up!”  Please.


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