Bobby Singer: Hunter, Father, Hero

I feel the urge to share my feelings on recent developments with Bobby Singer on Supernatural.  If you’ve been reading this blog, you already know that Bobby is quite possibly my favorite character on the show.  Recently, I reviewed Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting with particular focus on how much I enjoyed the Bobby backstory.  But what has happened in the last three episodes has got to be the worst development in the history of the show.

Bobby’s death devastated me.  I was saddened that he would never call his boys “idjits” again.  However, “Death’s Door” was one of the most wonderful episodes.  As far as farewell episodes go to any character on any show, it truly was the best I have ever seen.  Bringing him back, even in a limited capacity as a ghost, cheapened his death.  Cheapened the sacrifice he made to figure out what the Leviathans were doing.  He died a hero.  It was touching, moving and beautiful.   Now that entire farewell means nothing because we have yet to say goodbye to him.

There’s yet another problem with his return that I’m not sure how many fans have picked up on.  At some point, when Bobby moves on or degenerates, we are going to have to say goodbye to him again.  Which will be devastating enough, but he will not have the same grand goodbye he had the first time.  They will never be able to top the emotional impact of “Death’s Door”, so when it comes time to say goodbye to him for real, he will not get the heroic send-off he deserves.  And that saddens me more than his original death did.


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