Supernatural: Hooked On Phonics

This week’s episode, “Reading is Fundamental” introduces us to once normal AP student Kevin.  However, like all normal things, Kevin’s about to get a nasty wake-up call.  Turns out, the thing that Dick was searching for was the Word of God.  Unfortunately, Kevin is the only one who can read it, and the translation reveals how to finally take down those Leviathans once and for all.  Yes, we’re headed straight towards the ultimate show-down between the Winchesters and Dick, and I, for one, am going to be sorry to see him go.  He was such a good big bad, after last year’s total let-down with Eve that panned out before the end of the season.  This episode, however, was not one of Ben Edlund’s finest, which made it even more disappointing after last year had a rather poor season with an awesome “The Man Who Would Be King.”

I’m not even entirely sure where to begin with this episode.  Kevin was a rather interesting addition to the show, a brief reminder that while Dean and Sam are off killing things, there is still a normal universe going on without them, where sixteen year old geniuses just want to get into college.  But, since this is Supernatural, he can’t stay normal for long.  As it turns out, he’s a prophet, one who can read the Word of God.  At first I thought they were going to say Metatron actually took possession of the kid, but instead they just made him a prophet.

Castiel is back, which I’m sure some fans think is the greatest thing ever to happen to the show, thus making this the best episode ever.  The problem is, Castiel is a little broken.  Like, fallen broken.  And he seems to remember everything while at the same time losing whatever connection he had to humanity in the first place.  We also get introduced to some of Castiel’s garrison, those poor soldiers most people forget about who were left behind in a war without a leader.  It’s about time someone remembered that Castiel left a lot behind when he fell off the deep end, and not just the Winchesters.

Castiel and Sam have a sweet heart-to-heart, one of the best conversations they’ve ever had.  Castiel and Dean on the other hand, play a game of Sorry, the most thinly-veiled metaphor I have ever seen.  Especially when taken into consideration that Dean keeps getting pushed back to start.  Really, isn’t that just a giant metaphor for his life?  Every time he gets somewhere some cosmic being says “Sorry,” and pushes him back to square 1?

And Meg, who has resumed trying to sex Castiel up.  Or has that officially happened?  I’m so confused on the status of their relationship.  Plus, I’m not entirely sure why they keep trusting her, as clearly if killing Crowley meant killing them first, she wouldn’t think twice about it.

Bobby the ghost was in this episode, but Jim Beaver was not.  Dean said he was tuckered out from his tussle with Dick.  I think they just didn’t want to pay Jim Beaver for the week.

Sam’s face here pretty much sums up my feelings about this episode.

Crowley’s back next week, and I’m afraid he might die.  Then again, Crowley might actually survive the season.  Dean specifically said “Crowley’s not the problem this year.”  Next year, right Dean?  I can only hope.  If I lose James Patrick Stuart and Mark Sheppard within two episodes of each other, I won’t be able to handle it.  Not to mention the show has lost a lot since the end of Season 5, and when they keep killing off the things they still have, it becomes rather difficult to stay invested with it every week.  Not that I won’t be watching Season 8.  Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment.


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