Supernatural: Kingdom Hearts, True Blood and Pacman!

It’s time for another episode of Supernatural, and this close to the end of the season, the leviathan story is in full swing.  Sam and Dean have discovered a way to stop them, but the ingredients aren’t exactly easy to find.  And while they’re trying to track down three vials of blood and the bone of a righteous mortal, Dick decided to take his plan to the next level, by taking over the world’s largest corn syrup manufacturer and filling it with their zombie juice.

Crowley’s back, which is probably the only thing fantastic about that episode.  And since Crowley’s not the problem “this year,” I expect he’s going to be surviving the finale.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Dick, who will most likely be leaving us.  James Patrick Stuart, I’m going to miss you more than I can say.  Although if I had to chose between you and Mark Sheppard, I’m going to have to vote for keeping Mark Sheppard around.  Sorry.

Let’s talk for a minute about the corn syrup plot.   I understand where they were going with it and all, but not all people eat corn syrup.  Diabetics, for one.  People who are allergic to it, for another.  Like me.  I can’t eat high fructose corn syrup.  At all.  Also, Supernatural writers, that pie Dean wanted so badly that was all natural probably would have been safe.  It’s called ingredient reading.  You know, considering last week’s episode was called “Reading is Fundamental,” you think you would have thought about ingredient reading.  I suppose it was just too much fun to deny Dean pie.  On a similar note, does this mean the Leviathans don’t want to eat me because I won’t be easy dinner?  What exactly are they going to do with me then? I have never felt more rejected in my life. Although, I have to say, I would be quite willing to be Dick’s servant.  Or his last meal, in a pinch.  What a wonderful way to go, being chomped on by that monster.

The alpha vamp was once again awesome.  Although, ha ha, “See you next year.”  Right, that’s the second week in a row we used that joke.  Please stop, now.  It wasn’t even that funny the first time around.

As for Bobby, well, I talked before about how I felt about the show bringing him back.  But I cannot stress enough how disappointed I am with this story line.  First of all, they took a beautiful, heroic goodbye to his character and made it completely meaningless.  And now, he just keeps falling further apart, ripping into tiny pieces that epic farewell he had the first time.  And it sucks.  Not to mention, Bobby is now a girl, so I suppose that means Crowley is no longer interested.


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