Review: Fools Rush In

Fools Rush In
Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was one of the books I picked up for free on my nook, and I’m starting see a trend in the books that are free. Namely, I don’t like them.

This book has a lot of problems. For one thing, the main plot, the wedding that Bella is planning, ends a good 30 pages before the end of the book. Now, I could understand having some sort of wrap-up chapter, but the wrap-up in this book drags on for far too long. It doesn’t help that there is very little conflict to begin with. In the case of a romance, readers are supposed to be concerned about whether or not the hero and heroine get together. In this book, they seem to be together from the very beginning, and the only conflict arises from Bella thinking that D.J. is going to be turned off by her family for the fiftieth time. It’s kind of hard to like her when all she thinks about is her self doubts and how God is going to pull her through. We get it, she’s insecure about relationships and she turns to God to help her. We don’t need to be reminded about it every other page. The main character needs to have a bit more of a personality than that.

It doesn’t help that none of the characters are very likeable. For being a Christian romance, so many of the characters are shallow and focus primarily on their looks. Bella’s mother, for instance, who can’t leave her bathroom in the morning until she’s wearing twenty layers of make-up. Or Jenna, who seems to fall in love with Bubba solely based on his good looks while her poor boyfriend is offshore trying to earn enough money to propose. Not to mention poor Rosa, who is considered to be the black sheep because she is not pretty enough, but that’s okay because she’s a good cook. Really? If you are not attractive in this book, you better have some amazing talent hidden up your sleeve. Actually, you need to have both in order to be considered important in this book. Like Bubba, who is both handsome and a good cook. Or D.J., who has an amazing voice. Oh, that’s right, so does Bubba. If it wasn’t obvious enough in the narrative that the books is obsessed with physical appearance, there’s a segment in the end that is dedicated completely to beauty tips.  Oh, and if you have freckles, you’re destined to be forever alone, because a child with freckles is possibly the worst thing that could happen to a couple.

Oh, and speaking of Bubba and Jenna… Jenna is Bella’s best friend. They’re so close, they’re almost like sisters. So obviously, God intended for them to fall in love with brothers so they could legally be sisters. Seriously. It’s right there in the text, that while Jenna’s poor offshore boyfriend is struggling to give her the wedding she deserves, Jenna is off falling in love with Bubba because He wanted Jenna and Bubba to be together.   Che casino.

Oh, and her relatives think someone has died every time they faint (which happens a lot, you think they would be used to it), and there’s some subplot about her uncle reforming a bird so the bird can go and preach to his own lost owner.  Not to mention every chapter is themed after a song.  Throw it all together and you have a book that fails to entertain.

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