Review: Temptation

Temptation by Brenda Jackson
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Sheila is a single nurse who has been given numerous awards for her altruistic deeds. Her older sister has a different mother, her mother is always jumping from man to man, and Sheila has determined that she is supposed to spend her life forever alone. Oh, she also nibbles her lower lip so frequently I’m surprised the front of her isn’t covered with blood and her nipples are threatening to poke through the front of her shirt. Let’s just get you another shirt there, dearie. Possibly a red sweater.

Zeke is a private investigator, who also just recently moved to Royal. His current case is one of blackmail on his uber-rich best friend. He’s got smoldering good looks, he’s also single and his mother abandoned him when he was a child. I’m really not sure what else to say about his personality. Obsessive? Did I mention that he and Sheila were soulmates?

So, here’s the deal. And if you don’t follow along, don’t worry, because it doesn’t actually make a lot of sense. Brad Price, Zeke’s rich best friend, is being blackmailed with a baby that somebody claims is his. A baby they then decided to leave on the doorstep of the club he is running for Presidency for. For one thing, why would they hand the baby over? If a criminal mastermind was trying to get money from some rich bloke and they claimed to have his child, you think they would hold the child for ransom and just not hand it over. Especially since Brad is such a good guy that he wants this child to be taken care of, no matter who it belongs to. Sheila is at the hospital when the baby is delivered, and since the baby only stops crying when she’s around, naturally the baby comes home with her until the whole situation is resolved. Because she’s an award winning nurse, and the baby trusts her, so clearly sending the baby home with her is the logical thing to do. At any rate, once the baby is home with her, Zeke decides to keep visiting her, to check on the baby and not because he’s attracted to the nurse. Right. Oh, and the blackmail plot, was orchestrated by some drug dealer in another state. Apparently the drug business was slow this time of year.

There’s not really much else to say about the plot. The rest of it comprises of Zeke and Sheila having wild hot missionary sex… whenever Sheila is not agonizing once again that he’s going to leave her. Honestly, everything the woman hears, she assumes the worst. And she ends up looking like an ass as a result. And when that’s not going on, we’re being reminded for the 50th time that Lois has a different mother from her, or that Zeke was raised by his Aunt because his mother abandoned him. Readers are not stupid. Really. We did not forget that information from the last time you told us five pages ago. I promise. Although before writing this review, I nearly forgot his name, because that was how much of an impression that the characters left on me.

Isn’t there some sort of rule about the hero and heroine not having the same hang-ups about forming a relationship because it gets boring? Or because two people with abandonment issues very likely aren’t going to get over them together? He seemed to get over hers awfully quick, even though every time he left, he was breaking up with her, but every time she broke up with him, he decided to persevere, despite his issues.

Oh, and everywhere Sheila’s going, she goes there like there’s a fire somewhere. Or maybe she’s just embarrassed because she nibbled on her lip so much that it actually started bleeding.

Because it is a romance novel, I would like to evaluate the sex scenes. Boring.. Seriously, that is the only way I can think of to describe them. First of all, the set-up is painfully obvious for the first time. The power’s out, the baby’s asleep, there’s candles everywhere and the fire is roaring. The only thing that was missing was the bear skin rug, and I missed it very much. Instead they had to do it on the couch, which totally ruined the earlier atmosphere. I thought we had moved beyond the point in our society where a woman’s job during sex was just to lie there and take whatever her lover was giving her, whether it was good or bad. But Zeke dominates the sex scenes. Literally. He might as well be working a blow up doll for as much presence as she has during the scenes. The only time she did anything was during the very last scene, where she was on top. Then again, that was only because he put her there and told her to do it. Yup, even the one time she was in control of the sex scene, it was only because he put her there. Sheila has the sexual personality of a wet rag.

My recommendation is to give this one a pass.

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