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Recently it has been brought to my attention that in order to get an agent these days, your social media life needs to be soaring sky high.  Agents are apparently very interested in what you do with Twitter, Facebook, your blog… What’s your Klout score again?  Before I read that article, I didn’t even know what Klout was.  Then I signed up, and haven’t checked it in several weeks.  It’s not a great score, but it works for me, for now, since I’m still fairly new to this social media thing.

To that end, to make sure I could stay connected constantly, I ended up buying myself a smart phone, so I could tweet and blog my way to that mystical number of 10,000 followers.  And you know what I discovered after about twenty-four hours?  This is tiring work.  Trying to keep up with everything at once, updating twitter, facebook, instagram, and those are just the easy ones to work with.  Once I’m done with all that, I still have to find time to make a compelling blog entry to increase my internet presence even more.  And it’s not enough that I come up with the content.  Oh, no, once I’m done with that, I have to come up with a snappy title and relevant tags so that people actually find my blog and read my content.

Although I’m a bit curious about the number of twitter followers and how exactly someone came up with that one.  It’s a rather high number to reach.  I mean, Dan Feuerreigel doesn’t even have that many.  He only has 8,500.  Dan Feuerriegel couldn’t even sell my novel for me if he were so inclined.  He can’t even sell his own.  Well, maybe he could.  They might be a little more lenient with him just because he has a steadily growing fanbase.  And yes, I included him just so I could tag this post with his name.  He remains one of the most popular topic on my blog despite being in only a few posts.  Thank you, Dan, for being such a sweetheart. 😉

Picture of Dan, so all the loyal Fury’s are not disappointed. 😉

So what is the end result of this new popularity contest?  Well, for starters, I have two short stories I’m working on, and about six novels that are in various stages of manuscript form, and they are sitting gathering the computer equivalent of dust while I type this blog post while simultaneously tweeting about what I ate for lunch.   Granted, I don’t mind the blogging; I found I actually enjoy blogging since I don’t have literary friends to tell how I felt about the most recent book I read.  But when it comes to stalking Twitter, I would much rather be writing.  I need a surgical procedure that will give me two additional hands and an additional eye so I can type with the current two and stalk Twitter with the added appendages.

Not only that, but apparently you aren’t supposed to blog about your books.  So let’s say I create a highly successful blog about video games.  I get tons of followers, everybody flocks to my posts to get the latest and greatest information, and I finally score that 10,000.  Alright, I’m now qualified on the social media scale.  Of those 10,000 followers who look to me for advice about video games, how many of them are going to read my paranormal romance when it comes out?  That’s what I thought.  Or, maybe I decided to do a cooking blog.  Who of those followers will read my epic sci-fi novel?  The point is, your number of followers is not going to correlate to your number of sales in any way, especially if the topic is unrelated.  Yet, most of us will continue to play the game, including myself, because we want to see our novel in print.  Not to mention, Facebook is in a steady state of decline.


4 thoughts on “From Blog to Book

  1. Fantastic post! You really capture what drives me crazy about the social media thing. I also wonder how I’m supposed to gain readers for my novels by gaining a following for something totally unrelated. Hmmm.

    Happy tweeting and thanks so much for the blog link!

    • No problem! I found your post to be really enlightening, so since you got me thinking about the social media aspect of writing, I figured the least I could do was to draw attention back to your original post.

  2. Lynne,

    I recently went to a writing event where I was told writing is only 10% of the work, the other 90% is marketing. If you’re not using social media, what are you using to get yourself out there as a brand?

    With Hootsuite and the Tweetcaster(new fave) phone apps you can schedule tweets, that may help a little with Twitter burnout.

    Following people interested in sci-fi and other authors may be helpful if you’re not already doing that.

    I just told my dad this AM(he is working on a book) another nugget I gathered from the writing event, “people will buy the book because they like you as a person, even if you’re writing isn’t perfect”. In order for them to like you or know you you need to cast a wide net, at least archiving the hard work you’re putting into your books. This may lead to being a speaker at an event or someone may need a host for a writing seminar in your twittersphere (just a few thoughts), you can even host events/discussions online for your followers.

    Another question: Do you blog about your writing journey? This is a great way for people to get pulled into that part of your world, including a few quotes, and expanding on why you think they’d find interesting can draw people in and keep you motivated to keep writing!

    Last question: Is your Twitter account for friends? If so, you may want to consider having one that is mainly professional to build that “brand” and tweet mainly about your books, their topics, etc…

    I just don’t want you to give up on social media! 🙂


    • I’m not giving up on social media yet, although I’m still a little confused as to how the whole Klout thing works since mine seems to jump around without me doing much of anything.

      There’s an app that let’s me schedule tweets? Thank you so much for telling me, that’s going to make my life a whole lot easier.

      I’m having trouble finding other authors on wordpress, to be honest. I’m probably just looking in the wrong spots, because so far I’ve only found a small handful, and I know there’s a lot more than that out there.

      I have blogged about the writing journey, although not exclusively, and sometimes indirectly. I’ve talked about the research I’m working on, or once I had an article about how I transformed my urban fantasy into a paranormal romance novel during the editing process.

      My twitter account is mainly professional, and I’ve even taken steps to create a facebook page for my author persona so people can follow me there as well.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and not only read the post but to offer your encouragement as well. 😀

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