Day 1: The Adventurer

When Borders was going out of business, a sad day that must be granted a brief moment of silence, I used the opportunity to buy a couple of books I felt would pertain directly to my writing.  The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits was one of those books.  It offers a psychological perspective into the world of character development.  Now, I could very easily read the book and just tell you what I thought about it when I’m done, like I have with so many other books in the past.  But I had a better idea.  The first major chapter of the book describes the 23 main personality types.  So, for the next 23 days, one a day, I’m going to talk about the different personality types and then introduce you to one of my characters who falls into that category.

The Adventurer

The Adventurer is bold, energetic, has an underling need to take risks and as a result can sometimes be impulsive.  They are not concerned with social convention and can put others in danger as a result of their behavior, especially when they start to become reckless.  The book states that more men are Adventure types than women because of cultural inhibitions placed on young girls, so obviously the Adventurer I am going to introduce to you today is female.

Topolina (Wolves of Rome, #1 and #3)

Topolina is a werewolf in the Romulus pack; her mother, Bernadetta, was a trusted ally of Rodrigo Borgia, and she has a younger twin brother named Silvio.  Her bold, competitive behavior quickly made her a valued member of the pack while her brother lagged behind.  However, when Lucrezia Borgia married Alfonso d’Este, Topolina moved with her to Ferrara to act as bodyguard.  She found courtlife to be stifling, and quickly made enemies among the other noble ladies.  She struggles to maintain her identities as werewolf and lady, while simultaneously attempting to pursue a relationship with Ferrante d’Este.  Her reckless behavior and desire for a more dangerous life will not only threaten her own secret identity as a werewolf, but the sanctity of the entire pack.

Topolina first appears in Wolf of Rome and is the POV character in Daughter of Rome.


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