Day 2: The Boss

The Boss is exactly what it says on the tin.  They like to be in control of things and other people, and are generally ruthless in their attitudes towards others.  They are often driven by the desire for status and are in tune with other people’s weaknesses so they can use them to their advantage.  They are not deterred from their goals easily.

Balraj (Legends of Damodar)

Balraj starts as a young dragon in the Legends of Damodar series.  He has only older brothers, most of who are likely to inherit leadership positions before him, and his mother is one of the oldest dragons among the settlement.  As a youth, he was smaller than all his brothers before him, but with the help of his best friend, he learned to watch others, to learn their weaknesses, what they wanted, and how to manipulate them.  His brothers feared he wanted leadership of their clan when their mother passed, but he had larger ambitions.  His goal was to unite the dragon lands under a single leader, in case there was ever an attack orchestrated against them.  He chose a central location to move to, and through coercion and loyalty, eventually managed to get all the other clan leaders to respect him as their leader and the main authority in dragon lands.   From that point on, he suffered no challenges to his right to rule (despite being smaller than most dragons), and started training other young dragons to be leaders of their own clans one day, thus ensuring their continued loyalty towards him.  He is a strong, confident leader, able to unite the dragons against any threat, whether magical or human.

Day 1: The Adventurer


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