Day 3: The Conformist

The Conformist is very compliant.  They are responsible, rule-following people who will often go out of their way to not rock the boat.  They are more likely to be a follower than a leader.

Claire (Toasty)

Claire is the last prophet, chosen by the angel Gabriel.  She’s also a young woman who suffered a great deal of loss in her youth.  She is very compliant in her role of helping Angel and Eric, and she does not even balk at the idea of what she has to do in order to stop the Apocalypse.  Her compliance gets her in trouble early on, when she unwittingly associates herself with a fallen angel; however, her experience only taught her how to recognize them better so she could avoid them in the future.  She is fiercely loyal to Chris and the angels, and will do anything she must to protect them, even confronting Lucifer directly.


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