Day 4: The Conventional

The Conventional and the Conformist are like two peas in a personality pod.  Perhaps that’s why I decided Angel and Claire should be instant besties.  The Conventional lives by the rules, is opposed to the idea of anything new and is dependent on others.  They are also loyal, with long-lasting friendships, and are strongly averse to the idea of any type of change.

Angel (Toasty)

Angel is a several thousand year-old angel who had a rough beginning to her existence.  Her brothers were all killed when she was young, and the only friend she had since that time has been a fallen angel named Eric.  She also has never had a female host body before and struggles to adjust not only to the body but the clothes she has to wear as a result.  She and Eric enlist Claire’s help in an attempt to stop the Apocalypse, but things don’t go according to plan.  Her aversion to change and her desire to follow the rules puts a strain on her relationship with Eric as her feelings for him are starting to change into something she doesn’t recognize.


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