Day 6: The Dependent

The Dependent is another character type that is exactly what it says on the tin with a few additions.  They are also meek, easily embarrassed, and without self-confidence.  They are constantly seeking justification from others and in extreme cases can be completely engulfed by the shadow of others.

Silvio (Wolves of Rome)

Silvio is the twin brother of Topolina, who we covered on Day 1.  He was the second born of the two and his survival expectation was very low.  He spent his youth coddled by his mother, is overshadowed by his adventurous sister and is frequently ridiculed by the pack.  He looks to his mother and Cesare for guidance, but remains unable to make a name for himself in the pack.  During the French Invasion, he fostered a deep friendship with Don Ferrante that would help shape the course of his entire life.


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