Day 7: The Eccentric

The Eccentric follows his own path and often seems weird to those around them.  They follow odd conversation paths and their unusual behavior is frequently seen as interesting.  They can also be forgetful and self-absorbed, unintentionally hurting other by their inability to pick up on social cues.

Raoul (Hopsis)

I have often described Raoul as the eccentric casino owner who believes in alien conspiracies, among other things.  Not much is known about Raoul’s history, and he does not seem inclined to share.  He was rescued by Bill from a biochemical research facility and, with his sister Rina, opened a casino in Las Vegas.  He continues to do his own research into biological weaponry, claiming that he is looking for a cure for his sister.  He frequently helps out the members of Hopsis by giving them useful information, but sometimes they have trouble understanding what exactly his messages mean.


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