Day 8: The Extrovert

Wow, when I started this, I thought it was going to be really easy.  I mean, I have well over 60 main characters, so finding 23 to fit these character types shouldn’t have been that difficult, right?  Well, I seem to gravitate towards the same types for a staring role, so we had to scoot on over to minor characters for a few.  We also moved on to a book that does not yet have a title.

The Extrovert

The Extrovert is talkative and outgoing.  They thrive in large groups and energetic activities.

Angela (Untitled Chick Lit)

Angela is the outgoing cousin and best friend of Zoey Black.  She makes friends a little too easily sometimes, and helps Zoey adjust to the social aspects of her new career in the Este Industry.  Unfortunately, she gets a little too close with two of the owner’s sons, a mistake which might cost Zoey her career.


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