True Blood Recap: We’ll Meet Again

No one is more pleased than I am that True Blood is finally back in full swing.  Let’s hope it stays that way.  This week’s episode had a heavy focus on father-daughter relationships, specifically with Eric/Pam and Bill/Jessica.  We were also sadly lacking in Steve Newlin, and that is unforgivable.  Micheal McMillian and I have so much in common, like we almost shared an alma mater but I decided I wanted to go elsewhere to get further away from home.  Moving on…

The Authority

I’m tired of the Vampire Civil War already, to be quite honest with you.  I watch True Blood for the campy good fun, not some heavy handed politics about terrorist movements.  Nora, I really don’t care about, and they haven’t done much to make me like her other than promise me that I will.  Last time a show made me that promise was six months ago, and I’m still trying to figure out why I’m supposed to like the character so much.  My answer is always that some male showrunner wants in her pants.  Not that that would be the case with Alan Ball, but…

Not to mention they’re either trying too hard or not trying hard enough to implicate Salome as the traitor.  Like I’m really going to believe it was the little kid.  For one, they killed him off too early for it to be him.  Really, they just wanted the SVU guy to off the kid, thereby making the kid a special victim.  Ironic, right?

Bill and Eric had far more interesting storylines once they were away from the Authority, both revolving around their progeny.  Pam, in truly eloquent Pam fashion, informs Eric that he is a grandfather.  And what a lovely little family they make.  He interrogates her to see if she leaked Russel’s whereabouts, and she tells him that if he can’t trust her, he might as well release her.  He doesn’t, yet.

When that moment finally comes, it’s one of the most heartbreaking moments in the entire series.  He eventually decides that if he wants her to be safe, he has to let her go.  Which, of course, will free Pam up to train her own child.  Just because they no longer share the Maker bond doesn’t mean that they still won’t be together in some form.  Once the thing with Russell is done, they still have the bar to run together after all.  Unless this was the year that Alexander Skarsgard‘s contract ran out…

Bill searches his office for bugs, asking Jessica to help, and they share their own father/daughter moment.  But they’ve only been together for five years and he already released her anyway, so it’s not as touching.  Although Bill attempts to be cool by chastising Jessica for smoking cheap pot.

This Is War

Terry and Patrick are going on a little road trip, and on the way there, Terry falls asleep, giving us a nice opening for him to have a nightmare about what happened in Iraq.  Long story short, they were drunk and innocent people were shot.  That would be enough to mess anyone up.  Given the beginning of Chris’ scenario in Resident Evil 6, maybe the two of them should be drinking buddies.

They find a hidey-hole, and inside are pictures of fire and strange creatures walking in the fire.  In case you can’t tell, I’m still waiting for a Djinn.

Club Fae

Sookie tries to turn herself in by confessing to her brother, but he and Jessica don’t want to see her turned in.  Andy is not about to let the case drop, even though the Pelts have “officially” left town, but Jessica glamors him into thinking there was nothing left to it.  She’s trying too hard to get Sookie and Bill back together, isn’t she?

Jason and Andy get invited to a party by the Judge.  A party which is in Fairy land, of all places, and is most likely at the club run by Claude in the books.  Speaking of Claude, anybody else amused by how HBO just completely ignored the fact that he is so much prettier this season than he was in his original appearance?  Jason runs into his cousin Hadley, who informs him that he and Sookie need to move to fairy land because the vampires are planning on draining everyone with fairy blood.  Oh, she also lets slip that vampires killed the Stackhouses, but when Jason tries to press her for information, Jason and Andy get kicked out of the club and fairy zapped.

Bad Moon Rising

Alcide decides to tell Debbie’s parents that she’s dead, but he leaves out the fact that Sookie is the one that killed her.  In fact, he tells them that Marcus is responsible for her death, and that’s why he killed Marcus.  That’s great!  Let’s cover lies with more lies and blame it on the dead man!  For some reason, I don’t think this is the end we’ve seen of the Pelts.

Sookie, meanwhile, is making friends about as well as she normally does.  Actually, she’s losing them at an alarmingly fast rate.   Tara has decided that she officially hates Sookie, but that’s okay, because there will always be some other poor sap there to take a bullet for her.  No more suicide attempts, alright Tara?

Lafayette goes all brujo on Sookie’s car, which causes her to have an accident.  This prompts her to go home and get drunk.  I must say, drunk Sookie is officially my favorite Sookie.  And her rendition of the Pina Colada song is inspired.

Alcide shows up to tell her that he lied to the Pelts for her and that she owes him a gratitude screw.  Oh, wait, that last part I added in my head.  She gets him drunk, they start to get hot and heavy on the couch while Bill and Eric watch from outside the window.    You know how that goes, but I don’t care, because this.

Next Week

Please, please tell me what happened with Jason and Andy.  And while you’re at it, bring back Steve Newlin.  Although, I think he mentioned it would be a few weeks without him.  No more than two, okay?

Cute, spunky vampire is back.   Just as long as Nora doesn’t stab her, we’ll be okay.

Oh, something happened with Sam’s shifter friends, but  since it didn’t go anywhere this week, I’ll refrain from commenting on it at the moment.  Somebody finally remembered that the show had its origins in a mystery series, right?

I was right about the Magic Mike conspiracy, given that Alcide is finally shirtless next week, after the Magic Mike release.  The joke is on HBO, because I have been highly patie… Oh, who am I kidding, I can’t wait til Sunday.  I’ll probably go see Magic Mike when I’m done working tomorrow.


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