Day 10: The Fearful

What the Fearful fears most is rejection, to the point where they will often not join social activities unless they are certain that the others in the group are going to like them.  As a result, they are withdrawn, non- assertive and very critical of themselves.

Amber (Legends of Damador)

Amber was Balraj’s first wife and ultimately the matriarch of all the dragon clans.  She was always shy as a young girl, attempting to spend time with her brother and Balraj even when most of the time they did not have time for her.  Once Balraj cemented his position as ruler of all the dragon clans, he took her as his wife, but she never adapted the way she needed to in order to be a proper queen.  She spent more and more time alone until ultimately she locked herself away, acting as a Seer for the dragon clans rather than their queen.


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