Day 11: The Flamboyant

The Flamboyant is dramatic, always willing to put on a show, and has a tendency to interpret others behaviors as sexual even when they are not.  To others they might appear to be flaky and they believe themselves to be in competition with every one of the same gender as them.

Clarinda (A Red Rose’s Thorn)

Clarinda is a witch who lives permanently in the Other World.  She was the one who placed the spell on Isabella, because she was jealous of her even when Isabella was still a young girl.  She also felt that if she spent all her time in the Other World, other witches should have to do the same.  To trick Clarinda into thinking that she is not looking for a cure for the curse, Isabella yearly collects a red rose’s thorn from Clarinda’s garden, knowing that Clarinda would see that and assume she was attempting to make a love potion.


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