True Blood Recap: Somebody I Used To Know

I don’t know why True Blood keeps naming episodes after how I feel towards the show, but it’s rather decent of them to think of the viewer.  This week’s episode is Somebody I Used To Know, in this case, the someone being all the citizens of Bon Temps.  Who are these people, and what did they do with the characters I fell in love with five years ago?  They’re all skinwalkers!

Respect My Authoritay

Most of the vamps are still high on Lillith’s blood.  Except for Eric, whose little talk with Godric has left him stone-cold sober.  It’s like, realizing all your friends are being stupid and wondering why you ever succumbed to peer pressure.

I must admit, when the possibility was first mentioned, I was not on board the Russell/Steve train.  But now I’m thinking it might actually be kind of cute.  And it’s quite frankly the only part of the Vampire Rebellion storyline that I’m actually interested in.

Bill is suffering from some sort of crisis of existence, but Eric doesn’t seem to be having that problem.  He tries to convince Nora that Godric would not approve of what she was doing, and she gets rather testy with him.  Well, that’s one several hundred year old relationship that’s hit a rough patch.

Lafayette and the Smoke Monster

Jesus was back!  Really, does anything else need to be said about this?  Of course, it didn’t last long, and the next thing you know, poor Lafayette is being dragged into the army storyline.  The ghost of the women they killed actually shows up, and she tells them that one of them has to kill the other if they want her to break the curse.  Patrick starts running, probably a wise idea since they’re currently surrounded by three of Terry’s support group.

Bad Moon Rising

My first though upon watching this scene was “Miss, kindly remove yourself from the shot.  Your hands are blocking my view of his sexy, sexy back.”  Really, I was not coherent enough to even write a proper recap for this scene, so we’ll just skip ahead to the packmaster challenge.

So, JD decides they’re going to do this the old-fashioned way, by chasing down a helpless human.  Alcide, naturally, backs out of the competition because he refuses to let a human die like that.   JD decides he’s going to chase the kid down anyway for funsies, and Alcide chases after him.  They fight, JD has the upper hand due to the V, and surprise, surprise, Martha brings half the pack with her to save Alcide.


So, is Tara’s entire storyline this season going to be about people who used to torment her discovering she’s a vampire and then… she gets to move on?  Is anything else going to happen to her?

Admittedly, she and Pam both got to wear flawless outfits this week.

Open Your Heart and Feel the Hate

Luna transfers into Sam, for no discernible reason, and she can’t get out.  Unfortunately, this is far too late in the season to be adding new storylines.  This is the point where they should be answering questions, not raising new ones.  On the plus side, Sam Trammell does a fantastic job of playing other people stuck in his body.  He was great with Tommy, and he didn’t lose his touch with Luna.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s been kidnapped by the hate group and given to Hoyt as an initiation gift.  Hoyt, however, finds it impossible to kill Jessica and releases her instead.  He tries to get help, attempts to hitchhike and gets a gun to his head for his troubles.  Who wants to bet that his mommy is in charge of the hate-group?

Fairy Tales

Jason tells Sookie that instead of wasting her fairy power, she should use it to figure out who killed their parents instead.  They enlist Claude and some of his sisters to help, and they form a circle to psychically join Sookie to their mother.  It works, for a while, until Sookie bonds with the vampire instead.  Which suggests to me that the vampire in question is one that she has ingested the blood of.  More than once.  Which I’m pretty sure leaves us with Bill or Eric.

So, what did you guys think of this week’s episode?  Fanged or insipid?



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