Preview Buzz: Silent Hill Revelation

Some of you may already know that the Silent Hill franchise is my favorite series of games, so when I heard that they were making a second movie, in 3D no less, I was ecstatic.   While the first movie may not have been the most faithful adaption or even the best horror movie, what it did excel at was visual presentation, and from the looks of the trailer, this one is going to be no exception.

After the events of the first movie, Silent Hill Revelation loosely follows the plot of Silent Hill 3, with Heather and her father on the run from the malevolent forces of the town.  Not entirely sure how this is going to work, since the end of the first movie had Sean Bean and his daughter existing in two different realities.  At some point, I’m going to expect an explanation as to how we got from point A to point B, and considering Rose is listed in the movie’s credits on imdb, it’s quite possible that we will get that explanation. Hurray!  I always appreciate when movies remember a little concept called continuity.  Then again, there is also that shot of Heather seeing her mom in that bloody dress from the first movie, so maybe that’s the only reason she’s listed.

The first trailer gives us a good idea what to expect from this movie, like kick-ass otherworld transitions, mind-numbing monster designs, and an awesome 3D translation of the Carousal scene.

I’ve already heard some complaints from the fanboys.  One of which involved a complaint that Pyramid Head was running the fairground rides from Hell.  Which seems totally legit to me, but some people have just got it stuck in their head that Silent Hill 2 is the only Silent Hill and everything else that came afterwards was a giant blasphemy.  There have also been complaints about the new Vincent, since, quite frankly, he underwent quite a transformation.

Old Vincent

New Vincent






Haters gonna hate.  As far as I’m concerned, any arguments about this movie sucking are invalid, because Kit Harington.  Once I found out he was in it, October can’t come fast enough.

Sound off your opinion about the Silent Hill movie in the comments below.  Just remember to keep it respectful.


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