True Blood Recap: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

There’s been a trend recently on True Blood where the ending song serves as a metaphor for the rest of the episode.  Well, actually, it was always supposed to be that way, but this week it was painfully obvious.  Instead of using the original, awesome song by Tears for Fears, True Blood decided to go with a cover sung by a bunch of teenage girls pretending to be badass by making metal covers of previously good songs under the group name that implies the destruction of beloved childhood toys.  Unfortunately, they can’t disguise the fact that they sound like young girls who want nothing more than to be badass.  Much like how True Blood is trying so hard to be cool, and really it just needs to grow up.

Two storylines ended this episode, the hate group and the Ifrit.  The Ifrit storyline was rather enjoyable because Arlene finally got the chance to be awesome.  Unfortunately, the hate group storyline ended in a meandering of the main plot whose only purpose seemed to be to get Emma into the hands of Russell.  That’s right.  We spent an entire sideplot just so we could get to that point.  I mean, Sookie was kidnapped by the hate group, and you think that would have lead her story somewhere.  But it didn’t.  She ends the episode where she started it, lounging around the house with no real answers about her parents’ death.  Hoyt is the only thing left that might bring some meaning to that entire subplot.  As far as I can tell, it was only included so that Luna would be forced to give Emma to the pack for safety, thus enabling Emma to be kidnapped.  Seriously.  We wasted close to two hours of the season on this plotline just so we could get from point A (Luna saying Emma would never be part of the werewolf pack) to point B (Emma spending time with the pack so she could be kidnapped).  Wasn’t there an easier, less time-consuming way to get there?

On the other hand, how positively adorable is Dennis O’Hare with that little husky puppy?  You can tell that he and Michael McMillian were absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to play with her.  I mean, when your job daily consists of being covered in fake blood and trapped in a room, wouldn’t you be ecstatic to carry around the world’s cutest little husky puppy for a change?




I’m sure some other stuff happened too.  Bill had sex with Salome, Sookie and Lillith in the same sequence and then decided he was going to betray Eric.  There was a huge surprise.  Spunky vampire was still alive, but  I don’t have high hopes for her in the next episode.  And Pam and Tara are going to start roughing it.  Which might actually prove to be interesting.


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