Sunday, August 12th, I…

Rediscovered My Childhood

As part of my ongoing goal to bring meaning to every day of my vacation this week (a tactic I hope to bring back with me into my active work schedule), I went for a walk this evening.  I actually go for a lot of walks, but this evening, I decided to stop at the playground along the way and play on the swings.  When I was a baby, I never wanted my grandmother to hold me.  I always wanted to sit in the swing all day long.  Something about the gentle swinging motion takes me back to a more innocent time, even if the effort of keeping my legs off the ground was actually more painful than the walk itself.

At the playground was a little boy, who maybe only came up to my knee, and his dad, playing with a toy helicopter.  The little boy kept engaging me in conversation, telling me to watch how high his remote controlled helicopter could fly.  There’s something so freeing about engaging with someone who’s only a quarter of your size, and I actually left the playground feeling like a young child myself again with a huge smile plastered on my face.

Almost Got Run Over By A Bicycle

This actually happens a lot, so I’m not entirely sure why it should be counted as noteworthy.  I just want to know why the bicyclists can’t seem to share the trail with us poor pedestrians.  Really?  Is it so hard to share the trail when you would hope a car would share the road with you?

Received Two Comments About My Shirt

I was rocking my Kingdom Hearts shirt today, so when more than one person commented on it, it made my day.  Not every one thinks my gaming habits are cool, in fact, more than one friend has wondered about my tastes, so the fact that complete strangers think I’m awesome because I not only play Kingdom Hearts, I wear the t-shirt, well, it makes me feel pretty awesome.  I suppose that would make this the day the day of me being an awesome child again.  And really, don’t we all need that every one in a while.

I also discovered a new writer’s program, which I will hopefully be talking about at length at a later date.

Peace, and I hope you all take the time to day to see the extraordinary things in the humdrum of the daily grind.l


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