Review: Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, The

Modern Girl's Guide to Life, The
Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, The by Jane Buckingham

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I picked this book up because I thought it would be a quick, fun read, and maybe it would teach me some of the more girly facts of life that I’ve been missing out on just trying to be myself. Like, I’ve never been thrilled with makeup and couldn’t tell you the correct order to put on powder and concealer. For the record, I still don’t know, this book didn’t cover that.

The first half of the book was interesting. After that, well I found it was becoming more and more of a chore to read. The first half had some recipes I’d be interested in trying out, along with some cleaning tips that I will definitely be taking advantage of. If I were to take a picture of my desk right now, you would understand why I need all the cleaning advice I can get.

After a while, though, you can start to see that a good portion of this book is not about making your own life easier, but things to do that will impress your man. If you’ve read my article on wives, you’ll already know my stance on this. There were points where I felt downright insulted by this book, like it was suggesting that because I was a MG, I was somehow less than a man in certain areas. One of those being technology. To quote from the book: “In a pinch, I could do just about anything that a man can do – from using a power drill to changing a tire to programming a VCR.” Programming a VCR? I was unaware that pushing buttons on a machine was so difficult that only a man could do it. Either that, or the author is suggesting that the typical modern girl should at least pretend to be stupid enough that she doesn’t know how to do it herself. Wink, wink, what the quack? To be fair, there wasn’t a man around the house when I grew up, so when it comes to electronics and tools, I was always taking care of those things. Most of the furniture in my house, assembled myself, except two handmade bookcases, one from my father when I was very little and one from my brother in law as a birthday present to take with me when I started college. The computer desk I’m sitting at, I assembled myself. My computer… well, I didn’t build it myself, but I have upgraded internal components myself as necessary. Not so much this one as one of my older ones which needed a new modem, among other things. So, yes, I’m a little insulted by the implication that girls shouldn’t necessarily know how to program a VCR. Oh, according to the book, I must be a man anyway, because I have all the gadgets in my house, and I’m definitely a piler. “It’s no mystery man love making piles.” I’m a terrible excuse for a woman. Make sure you give your man a little down-south action after a couple of days even if you aren’t giving up the full goods, because its all about keeping the man happy, no matter how much of a jerk he may turn out to be. Honestly, I didn’t even know it was possible to be so insulted by a book.

Oh, and the subject of sports should have been left out altogether, as it is clearly not her forte. I played basketball for eight years, and I don’t remember ever scoring a field goal. I’m unsure how that would work, to be honest. There’s no field. This book as a whole is about as successful as trying to make a field goal in basketball.

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