Resident Evil 6: Lady In Red

Ada showing off her new assets.

As if they had heard my complaints about female characters in Resident Evil 6, Capcom released information proclaiming Ada as a playable character with her own mission, much like the backstory to Resident Evil 4.  Most people think that this would placate me, since not only was a female character was introduced, but she’s one of the more traditional, Resident Evil strong women.  Those people would be wrong.  At the risk of separating myself from the rest of the Resident Evil herd, Ada is not a strong character.  If she was, Capcom wouldn’t be so compelled to reduce her to the T+A of the series.  Remember back in Resident Evil 2 when she wore clothes somewhat sensible to a spy mission?  Nothing stops a zombie fight faster than having to stop and stuff your boob back into your blouse.  (On that note, that might actually make the game more playable.  Gotta stop and fix my boobs.  Some girls might be able to relate to her more.)  For the record, I too prefer her 6 outfit to her 4.  Something about pants just seems so much more suitable for her line of work.

Ada, getting jiggy with a zombie.

Back to my original point as to why she’s not a strong character: Every time she’s around Leon, she loses her conviction.  It’s like, as soon as his male pheromones get within twenty feet of her, she has to reassess her priorities.  Number one immediately becomes Leon.  Honestly, I think she would have been regulated to passive love interest by now if it wasn’t for the fact that they needed something for Leon and Chris to fight over in Resident Evil 6.  I mean, come-on, we need an epic showdown between the two leads, or else the entire series is moot, right?

The icing on this fail cake presented by Capcom is that during the beginning of Leon’s mission, he has to drag Helen along with him.  That’s right.  You thought escort missions were a pain when the character was walking along beside you?  Now try dragging the character along under one arm.  What a way to make 75% of your players hate the character within the first five minutes of the game.  Guess what, Capcom?  Nobody likes escort missions.  Ever.  It’s like they sat down and had a meeting specifically designed to how they could make that section as annoying as it possibly could be.

Again, none of this would be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that Resident Evil has always been known for it’s strong female characters, who used to be playable at the start of the game, and not only if you decide you want to go a second round.  Maybe I don’t want to play the game twice.  Maybe I just want to be Sherry the first time around.

Resident Evil 6 keeps drawing me in, then pushing me back out again.  At this rate I’ll only end up buying the game if I find something I like in the spoilers.  If not, I’ll wait for the price to go down, and pretend it’s a generic action game rather than Resident Evil.  Then again, that’s what they were aiming for all  along, wasn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Resident Evil 6: Lady In Red

  1. I can’t play the Resident Evil series (I have a crippling zombie phobia), but I love hearing people’s opinion’s about the women in it! It does seem to me (from everything I read, again, can’t play) that the series has gone into a downward spiral in regards to the women in its universe. If I was going to try to conquer my phobia finally, I’d want to play as a kick-ass woman during my first play through. I think relegating female characters to second-play through clearly devalues them as second best.

    • I hope you can overcome that crippling zombie phobia someday. They’re great games, especially the older ones.

      In the first few games, you had the choice to play through as Jill or Claire, but so many people picked Jill that she was the primary playable character in 3 and Claire was the first playable character in Code Veronica. Later it switched to Chris to finish the story, but it wasn’t like it was a second playthrough.

      As the series progressed away from horror and further into action territory, the women’s roles were diminished. In 4, you only got to play as Ada as an added bonus at the end of the game, but then in 5, you only got to play as Sheva if you finished the game once. The exception being the DLC for 5, one of which forced you to play as Jill first. Still, it was DLC, not the main game.

      More recently, you had Revelations which was horror themed and starred Jill. But then in 6, which essentially has three different styles of gameplay, there are no female options in the most action-oriented section. The message to me is loud and clear, Capcom does not think there is a place for a woman on the battlefield.

      I completely agree with the sentiment that regulating them to second play-through indicates that they’re only second best.

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