Revolution: Sniper, No Sniping!

So, last week, I’m pretty sure that I mentioned that Miles is awesome, and pretty much everything he does it awesome.  That remains true for this week.  Pretty much every time he’s on screen I get sucked back into the show again.  Unfortunately, most of the rest of the time, I’m just not that interested.  People tell me the show is only two episodes old and to give it a chance, but I can’t help but look at this realistically.  In the age of 300 channels, if something doesn’t grab a viewer deeply or quickly enough, they can and will find something else to watch.  Which is never good for any show.  However, the plot does thicken delightfully like gravy this week.

So, Miles and Charlie are still trying to rescue Danny, which according to Miles, first requires rescuing someone named Nora.  I don’t get what is up with all the brunette chicks named Nora invading my television recently, but at least this one isn’t British.  Nora is a prisoner and is also apparently a member of the rebels.  She also has a history, likely sexual, with Miles.  As it turns out, she was arrested on purpose to steal a sniper rifle off the militia.  Brilliant plan.  So, they eventually decide Charlie is the only one who can get close enough to take out the captain of the guard and Miles and Nora will take care of the rest.  While Nora is busy getting slashed in the side so she can take off her shirt later, Charlie grapples with another soldier for the rifle.  When she finally gets it off him, she takes the rifle and shoots him with it.  What the hell, Charlie?  I know you wanted to get rid of the guy, but find another way.  Sniper rifles only hold so many bullets at a time, and now that poor rebel group is one short, because you didn’t wait for Uncle Miles or Aunt Nora to take care of the guy without using a bullet.  Is this going to be next week’s plot?  The gang goes on a hunt and search mission for sniper bullets?

In another news, this week’s episode was brought to you by iPhone, an excellent place to store all your precious family mementos.  Oh, and the militia captain with Danny is quickly becoming my favorite character, yes even more than Miles.  In a plot twist no one saw coming, the mother is still alive.  This show was presented by Kripke and Abrams.   Unless there’s a body, its not dead, and sometimes not even then.  Not to mention it was Elizabeth Mitchell.  Elizabeth Mitchell is far too awesome to exist only in flashbacks.

Next week includes Mark Pellegrino, so I’ll have to tune in then as well.  Already the poor fandom is getting divided into factions.  First there’s the shipping factions, divided into Miles/Nora and Miles/Charlie.  It’s Kripke, apparently the incest tones always run strong with this one.  Meanwhile I feel like the only one shipping Miles/Monroe.  Come on, guys, this is the internet.  Throw me a bone here.  Actually, the shipping wars aren’t out of hand yet.  What is out of hand is the Supernatural fans vs the people who decided to watch the show because NBC told them it would be the next best thing.  Apparently, according to some dark corner of the internet, if you are excited about Mark Pellegrino being on next week, you are a dirty Supernatural fan, and you need to stop tainting the internet for everyone else.  Heaven forbid you should be a fan of Mark Pellegrino for his work on Lost, or Being Human or Twisted or even the first season of Dexter.  Nope, you are a dirty Supernatural fan.  Which brings me to my other point.  There are a lot of Supernatural comparisons with the show.  If you don’t like it, maybe you should realize they are made by the same person.  Third, you should never tell a group of people to get out of your fandom.  Those people bring in viewers, which keeps your show on the air.  So if you actually like the show, you need to appreciate the fact that other people watch it.

There was an interesting post on Tumblr linked above that pointed out the similarities between Charlie and Katniss and Danny and Peeta.  I’ve said since week one that Nate was a Gale knock-off.

Since Danny is Charlie’s brother, and Nate is currently shaping up to be the love interest, I can only assume that Kripke is telling us his feelings about the end of Mockingjay.  I would like to hear more on this issue.

Next week, Mark Pellegrino, and Miles is one of the founding fathers of the militia.  This show only promises to get better.


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