Bubbles Rating System & Weekend Update

Okay, so the site is undergoing a few changes, and I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of them.  First of all, I’m going to start implementing a weekend update, so that on slow posting weeks, I can share snippets of what I’m working on so that readers know the site has not been abandoned.

The most important update this week is the implementation of the new Bubbles Rating System.  Now, I know we’re all familiar with the traditional star system, but given time, I think you will find the Bubbles System invigorating.  Please note, the star system will not be completely abolished, as it comes over through my Goodreads reviews, but it will be included on those posts and on any other review I might write.  Now, the system is going to work kind of like this.  In honor of my nickname, I’m going to assign a type of Bubble to everything I review, thus providing an evocative insight into how I feel about something.  For instance, something that is absolutely so terrible that it actually pained me to read it would be a gas bubble.  Something that was embarrassing that made me want to distance myself from it would be a fart bubble.  Something that was really good and made me feel all cozy and relaxed would be a bubble bath.  And so on.  You can expect this new system to be in place with my next review.

Other things I’ve been up to including a couple of reviews, including Kristin Chenoweth‘s biography, a fantasy book I read awhile ago, and a Harlequin book I was permitted to preview that took me so long to read it’s actually been released.  I’m also rereading Sarah Ash‘s Songspinners so that I may give it a proper review.

This weekend I’m also headed off to Allegheny College for Homecoming and to hopefully pass out a few business cards.  Maybe I’ll see some of you there.   May your days be filled with light, fluffy bubbles.


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