Supernatural: AP Badassery

Last time we saw the boys, Kevin was captured by Crowley, Sam was all alone in the world, and Dean and Cas were trapped in Purgatory.  So, naturally,  we start with Dean’s mad escape, including him stealing stuff from teenage campers and giving a ride to a hitchhiking monster.  To be fair, I’m not entirely sure what Benny is.  Someone pointed out he might be vampire, but to me, he kind of looked like a little baby Leviathan.  Which would be adorable.  After Dean sets Benny free, he goes to find Sam, who’s been living the good life with some girl and a dog.

We get the obligatory brotherly reunion hug, then after some questioning we find out that Sam hasn’t been looking for Dean.  In fact, he’s given up hunting all together.  In his defense, hunting was about family, and it was kind of hard to keep the motivation alive when all his family was gone.  Unfortunately,  he was also ignoring Kevin, you know, the AP student who was also a prophet who managed to escape from Crowley.

Turns out, Kevin also studied AP Badassery.  When Crowley forces him to read the tablet, he finds a way to kill the demons holding him hostage.  Although, why he waited until Crowley was in a field of goats and just didn’t get rid of him as well is beyond me.  Mark Sheppard, your plot armor is remarkably strong.

Speaking of goats, has anyone seen the picture of Barry Duffield with the baby goat?   Clearly, this is the best use of a goat in the history of everything.  Oh, and  Kevin has found a way to close the gate to Hell, forever.  Now, theologically, I’m wondering about this.  Because let’s assume they lock all demons in Hell.  Now, all ties between Hell and Earth are severed.  So what happens to the bad people when they die?  Do they just become ghosts?  Do they not go anywhere?  If so, wouldn’t that just ultimately make Hell on Earth, thus defeating the purpose of closing the gate?  Or am I the only one who took the time to think this through?

So, the boys met up with Kevin, Crowley attacks and Kevin’s girlfriend becomes quickly expendable.  Dean gets a call from his old friend Benny, you know, what happens in Purgatory stays in Purgatory, and that’s about it plot wise.

Eight seasons in, and the show is starting to act like a parody of itself.  We have two guys, who travel around together, and almost everything they do has a homoerotic innuendo behind it.  From Dean and Benny acting like what happened in Purgatory was about as memorable as a one night stand to Dean insulting the one demon by calling him “the one who uses too much teeth.”  Is Dean implying he sits around talking with other monsters about which monsters are the best lay?

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