Revolution: Lucifer Rising and Who Let The Dogs Out


Revolution: No Quarter

This review might be late, but I have to say that this was my favorite episode to date.  And not just because Mark Pellegrino makes everything more awesome.  Although, this show should probably be called Billy Burke is awesome, get over it.

Nora, Charlie and Miles end up at the rebel camp only to find that most of them were wounded during an earlier encounter with the militia.  The militia, led by Mark Pellegrino or Jeremy, comes to their door and traps them inside the building, killing Charlie’s new friend.  One thing I don’t understand is why the rebels are so gung-ho about bringing back the American government.  If you had the opportunity to change things, to try to make it better, wouldn’t you at least try?

While the rebels try to dig their way out of the building, the stolen sniper takes out any soldiers who try to approach.  Jeremy doesn’t care, and just continues to send his men to their death.  Harsh, right?  Eventually they manage to capture Jeremy and Miles turns himself over to secure freedom for the rest of the rebels.  Because as we now all know, Miles was responsible for starting the militia.  The remaining rebels free Miles and the quest to save Danny continues.

Meanwhile, Danny is dealing with bullying like he never had to in school, and Aaron and Maggie discover that the little amulet thing turns the power back on.  Somehow.  Maggie gets to see a brief glimpse of her kids faces again, and then the power is gone again.

This week in flashbacks, we get to see how Miles and Monroe started the militia and how they rescued Jeremy.  Turns out, Miles used to be the crazy one with poorly set limits, so in all fairness, the monster that Monroe has become is his creation.  Which kind of sucks for him.

In the words of Kripke.

Revolution: The Plaque Dogs

This episode was all about Maggie.  Which is tv language for: “She’s gonna die.”  There were dogs, and a beautiful shout-out to Supernatural.  Neville remains my second favorite character, based on sheer awesome alone.

And then Maggie left us.  Which means everyone else is screwed, because she was their only doctor.  She was also incredibly composed for someone who was bleeding out.  Also, does anything about being in an empty store, slowly bleeding after being chased by dogs remind anyone of some other show?

Charlie, if there is a tripwire connected to a tire that will trigger a crossbow aimed at your head, stop screaming for your rescue party.  It’s only common sense.  Good lord, girl, you would think you didn’t live in a world that required you to be smart.

Beyond that, I’ve decided that Revolution is basically the story of a bad break-up between Miles and Monroe. I mean, Jeremy even told Miles that Monroe hasn’t been the same since he left, and they used to be the ultimate BroTP.  Come on now, can’t they just be friends again?  Which really makes me wonder if we’ll ever get to see what snapped between them.  That said, isn’t any revolution, historically speaking, just a giant, messy break-up between a ruling party and the citizens?



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