Supernatural: We Make Big Trouble For Moose and Squirrel

The best episode of Season 8 so far, which doesn’t take much since we’re only two episodes in, “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?” reminded me why I loved this show so much in the first place and why I refused to abandon it even during the less than spectacular seasons of 6 and 7.    Sam and Dean have rescued Kevin, and being the good little boy he is, he wants to check to make sure his mother is safe.  Especially since his mom’s last two protectors got eaten.

They decide to check on Ms. Tran, and Dean’s super honed skills from Purgatory picks out that both the mailman and the gardener are demons.  They take the two of them out, gank the old neighbor lady, and then explain to his mother what’s been going on.  Mama decides she wants to help as well, and after revealing she already has a tattoo, she and Kevin get the anti-possession ink.

When they get to the locker Kevin left the tablet in, they find a diaper bag instead.  Who else missed the good old days and half-expected Bela to have left a note for them?  Sadly, the real Bela is gone, but that doesn’t mean she can’t come back as a demon!

The gang is approached by Willy Wonka‘s evil twin, who is inviting Kevin to a very special auction.  Sam tries to suggest they possibly offer up Baby, and Dean promises to kill him and all his spawn if he even thinks about it.

There are lots of interesting things at the auction, notably the tablet, Excalibur, Thor’s Hammer, Crowley, and a new angel named Samandiriel.  Samandiriel is the angel of imagination, and can transform the world around us.  Interesting note.  Samandiriel seems rather upset about Castiel’s demise when he’s talking to Dean.  Awww… Someone has a crush.   Crowley lets loose with some inspired one-liners and the auction begins.

Dean has a great plan to steal the tablet before it goes up for auction.  It goes about as well as one would expect, leading to another one of Crowley’s great one liners, plan D, for Dumbass.  I’ll have to remember that one.  At some point Crowley tells ‘Samantha’ that he can’t get rid of all his black-eyed boys.  Sam responds with “Yeah, we’ll see.”  Except, Crowley was talking to the other Samantha, you know, the angel, and is now likely on to Sam and Dean’s plot to close the gate to Hell.

Samantha and Crowley start in a ridiculous bid to win the tablet, complete with the Mona Lisa, the real Mona Lisa, Vatican City, the moon and Sarah Palin and the bridge to nowhere.  Eventually, their game is interrupted when Kevin is included in the auction, and Ms. Tran offers up her soul.  In retaliation, Crowley attempts to offer his own soul, but is shot down and told he doesn’t have a soul.  Astute viewers will recognize that demons are, in fact, nothing more than twisted souls, so he technically still has one.  In fact, the only thing we know of that doesn’t have a soul is angels, but that’s another issue.

Crowley leaves and Ms. Tran’s soul is accepted.  Sam and Dean try to offer their condolences, and then Samantha promises that he will look after Kevin instead of the Winchesters.  She refuses, and that’s when things start to get ugly.  The next time we see Ms. Tran, she’s about to be exchanged for the tablet.  She briefly talks in Crowley’s voice, her eyes flash red, and she takes the tablet and runs.  Dean goes after her with the knife, but before he actually manages to do anything with it, red smoke pours out of her and from the next room steps the Crowley we know and love.  Crowley warns Kevin to stay away from the Winchesters, because people that get involved with them die bloody.  He also teases about who Kevin’s dad is.  Chuck?  Bobby?  John?  An angel? Ms. Tran is left nearly comatose from the experience, much like she had just been vacated by an angel, not a high ranking demon.  Even Lilith’s young vessels weren’t so incapacitated.   Kevin and Ms. Tran disappear, possibly taken by Samantha, possibly somewhere else altogether.  The episode ends with the much anticipated scene of Castiel screaming Dean’s name with no explanation as to what’s going on.

So, there’s a few theories floating around on what is actually going on with Crowley, and I’m going to address a few ones specific to this episode here.  First of all, why wait three years to tell us he had red eyes when that was what we would have believed in the first place?  Either Kripke and Gamble didn’t leave their plans with the new guy, or the red smoke and the red eyes are a red herring.  A few things don’t add up, most notably the part about the soul.  Even Sam had a look on his face that suggested he thought about the possibility that since demons are souls, he should have one to offer up.  The other is that he shouldn’t have been able to speak in his voice inside Ms. Tran.  She doesn’t have the correct vocal chords for that.  There’s also the matter that Crowley would never put himself in a physically weaker body when he might have to get in a physical tussle with Dean.  He’s not that stupid.

He also knew exactly who Samandiriel was, who, incidentally, was also wearing red.  It’s quite possible that since Crowley was working with an angel before, that he’s found a new partner.  One who could, oh, I don’t know, transform reality into thinking that Crowley was inhabiting Ms. Tran.  And that red smoke left her when “Crowley” left.  Someone who wouldn’t have cause to be afraid of Ruby’s knife.  Maybe like, an angel who had the power to make people see something that wasn’t really there.  An angel who for all we know was still in the room when Ms. Tran was possessed?

Sound off your theories in the comments.  I’d love to hear them, just remember to keep it civil.  Something about Crowley seems to get people riled up.  Also, all theories I have seen about Crowley are wrong.  Crowley is clearly Natasha.


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