Review: Just Dance 4

Just Dance 4 Cover

I love the Just Dance game series.  I know a lot of traditional gamers don’t like them because they aren’t strictly games, and some people think they give the industry a bad name, but I love these games.  Specifically, I love Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Greatest Hits.  So when Just Dance 4 was announced with some of my favorite songs like ‘So What,’ ‘Call Me Maybe,’ ‘The Final Countdown‘ and ‘Wild Wild West,’ I was thrilled.  However, funds were short with the upcoming Assassins Creed III, so instead of buying it, I resigned myself to testing it out of Redbox.  The end result: I was glad I delayed buying it.

Carly Rae Jespen "Call Me Maybe" Just Dance 4There are a few things that have been updated about Just Dance, namely the graphics.  The dancers showing you through the steps look more like real people and less like anime characters.  Conversely, if you’ve played Just Dance Disney, they were replaced entirely with real people.  I preferred the animated characters.  It added to the whimsical feel of the game, something that is lacking in Just Dance 4.

I know Just Dance has always been considered a party game, but in the past, I never felt odd playing by myself, even on the group songs.  Now if I do a group song solo, the game makes me feel like I’m missing a key component.  Most of the group dances now rely on the aid of another dancer, lest they make you feel like an ass.

Which brings me to my last point about the game.  Some of the songs felt like a giant lawsuit waiting to happen.  I’m looking at you, ‘Final Countdown.’  The game has finally decided to start punishing players for not being stellar dancers, and that point is exemplified in some of the moves required in that particular song.  You have to jump over your partner as they roll under you.  No lie.  Sure, there are probably ways you can get around it, have the other person jump behind you or whatnot, but I’m sure there are daring teenagers out there willing to try it who are going to wind up landing on their friend’s head.  For the record, I don’t know any one I would trust to be athletic enough to actually jump over me.  Nor would I trust them while doing it.

Sadly, even the songs I really wanted to dance to were not enough to make me actually spend money on this game beyond the rental.  And with Just Dance Disney being even more dismal, I can only hope they turn it around again with Just Dance 5.  This game definitely ranks as a gas bubble, painful and possibly causing you enough pain to send you to the hospital thinking you’re bleeding internally.  Or in the case of some dances, actually causing you to bleed internally.

PS: I did actually enjoy dancing to one song, ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’


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