Supernatural: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

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Review: Heartache 8×02

Supernatural has returned to the monster of the week for filler, so that unfortunately meant no Crowley this week.  While that might have been disappointing, and believe me, I understand people were more upset about the lack of Cas, Supernatural has always found a way to tie the monster of the week into the larger scheme of the season.  Unless you started watching post Season 4, most people started watching the show for the supernatural mysteries that occurred every week.  Well, that and to see what myths the writers would be playing with that particular week.

This case involved a series of murders in separate towns, all of which involved the heart being ripped out of the person’s chest.  The connection between all the crimes is that the victim had all received organs from the same person.

The person in question is a recently deceased football star, who drove off a bridge.  At the time of death, no foul play was suspected, but not too many people could understand why he would suddenly kill himself.  Sam and Dean go to investigate his mother’s house, Dean makes a casual reference to incest (Nope, it really happened), and they find a door in the closet.   A hidden room filled with all sorts of sports equipment, and that’s when things start to get interesting.  He wasn’t just a football player.  He was a Mayan warrior who sacrificed human hearts to gain immortality and continue being the greatest athlete.  Eventually, however, he fell in love with a mortal woman, and she continued to age while he stayed young.  After spending some time with her posing as his mother, he decided he could no longer live without her and drove his car into the river so that his organs couldn’t be harvested.

Unfortunately, his organs were still usable, and the heart was given to a girl with a weak heart who went on to become a stripper.  Why she was a stripper, I’m not sure.  Because the heart was the center, the only way to stop the sacrifices was to stop the heart.

After the Mayan demi-god is dealt with, Sam and Dean have yet another conversation about where they want to be after the gates to Hell are closed.  Sam still wants to retire and has an angsty flashback to when recent ex Amelia made him a birthday cake.

This episode works on a number of levels, not all of which are immediately apparent.  For starters, you have the question of immortals falling in love with mortals and what to do about it.  And, unlike Twilight, the answer isn’t necessarily making the person you love immortal.  Especially when that would result in the person you love becoming a monster themselves.  Then there’s the issue of the heart being key.  I fully expect that to come back sometime later in the season.

More importantly, it served as a reminder that there are more things than  just demons out there.  Yes, they’re public enemy number one, but even if you manage to get rid of all the demons, there are still going to be other things that go bump in the night.  Other things that people need to be protected from, and that includes your girlfriend, Sam.


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