Supernatural: Once Bitten, You Won’t Be The Same

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Supernatural 8×04 Review: Bitten

This episode had a lot of cultural references, many to Teen Wolf, I understand.  Forgive me, but I haven’t seen a single episode of Teen Wolf.  I don’t get MTV.  I know, right, how could I possibly survive without cable?  There are, however, numerous other references I could understand, most of which revolved around Lord of the Flies.  Ah, Lord of the Flies, one of the few books I had to study in High School and College.  Was it too much to ask for an update repertoire when I graduated High School?  This was also an episode a lot of fans had been asking for, one that took place from the POV of the monsters.  I can’t be the only person who heard the title and thought of the Jim Carrey movie, can I?

So we had three kids in college, I think?  Like I said, studied Lord of the Flies in both.  They have a house, but they act like high schoolers.   Someone was murdered nearby recently, and like good little vigilantes, they decide they want to get in on the action.  Like, video tape whatever is doing the killings for their new movie.  Oh, right, these annoying teenagers are in a love triangle and are obsessed with their cameras.  If the characters in Teen Wolf are as half as annoying as these three, then no thank you.

Anyway, one of them gets bitten and starts to get “super powers.”  Sam and Dean are in town investigating and the kids think that they have an office romance going on.  Okay, Kripke, this is exactly the type of in-universe rumors I want for Miloe in Revolution.  I know you’re capable of doing it, since we had people assuming Sam and Dean were a gay couple since Season 1.

Non-infected kid gets really jealous that his friend gets everything, the power, the girl.  Up to that point, I was kind of hoping he was actually in love with his best friend.  So much for originality.  So, he figures out his professor is the werewolf in question and goes to him and begs to be infected.  He kills his friend and infects the girl in the hopes that the two of them can live happily ever after.   She kills him and leaves the tapes for Sam and Dean, so they know what happen.  She swears that she’ll never kill anything human, and an amazing thing happens.  Character development!  Dean decides to let her go, because he decides she deserves a shot.

Outside of the annoying characters, this episode actually succeed in a number of way.  For one, it reminded Sam and Dean and us, that the monsters in question may have once been human and might not have chosen the life handed to them.  More than that, it really shows a pivotal moment for Dean, how much things have changed for him since that time he spent in Purgatory when Benny was his only chance of survival.

Oh, and totally calling it right now, this year’s theme is the Heart of Monsters.  So, when are we going to find Crowley’s ex, preferably some type of angel?



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