Revolution: The Ties That Bind


Revolution Poster, Season 1This week’s episode brought us Nora’s sister, Mia, and family angst from about twenty different angles.  Is Monroe the only person in this universe who doesn’t suffer from some sort of family angst?  No, wait, he does, because Miles is his family, and Miles ran away on him.  Which I would like to point out, when your best friend runs off after trying to kill you, you would probably have a teensy bit of a psychotic break as well.

Charlie and the gang are trying to cross some river, and they find out that Strauss is patrolling the area.  They wisely decide to go elsewhere, until Strauss informs them that he has Nora’s sister captive and she is going to die.  Now, this should have been a red flag to the company, because his method of killing her was to string her up by her wrists with her feet still touching the ground and wait for her lungs to compress.  I’m not an expert on killing people, but it would seem to me that her arms would dislocate before her lungs compressed.  But, hey, physics no longer apply to this universe, so maybe that was a valid threat.

So, they rescue Mia with explosions, and they try to find another place to cross the river.  Mia tries to convince Nora to come with her to find their dad who she says is alive in Texas.  Charlie tells Nora she should go, because family’s more important.  By this logic, the laws of physics will protect Miles from ever killing Bas.  Nora eventually leaves them and Mia leads her straight to Strauss and hands him the pendant.  Who could have ever seen that one coming?

So, Nora leaves Mia in a desperate bid to save Miles and co.  On that subject, the guns the militia are using are difficult to aim, and as such, they can’t actually hit the good guys.  However, when Nora picks it up, she suddenly imbues the gun with improbable aiming skills.  It’s like the laws of nature don’t apply to her or something, which is, quite frankly, the only way she can be 5’7″, 105 lbs, and still healthy enough to kick so much ass.  And when the guns are back in the hands of the bad guys, they still have terrible aim.  Who knew?

On the Republic side of things, Monroe is still batshit crazy over the loss of Miles.  Even Julia picks up on it and tells her husband that he’s been unstable since Miles left.  “Sebastian is… not what he was. Ever since General Matheson left, he has become more and more… paranoid, and erratic.”  Like I said, those circumstance would lead almost everyone to a psychotic break.

At the close of this week, I would like to take a moment to talk about Nora.  I’ve said for a while now they needed to do something to make me connect with her character, because all she does right now is lead them away from the main plot.  I never really figured out what it was about her that bugged me, and I have since learned the answer.  Apparently, the reason why Nora was not in the pilot was because she was not supposed to be in the show.  They introduced her to be a love interest for Miles.  So instead of allowing the character to grow naturally, they pigeon-holed her into a specific role before she even had a chance to evolve.  So really what’s bothering me about her is the fact that in the first few episodes, they probably didn’t know what they were going to do with her besides make her a love interest, so they just started cramming her into loose holes in the plot and hoping she fit.  I really hope this changes in the next few episodes, because I really like Daniella Alonso.  I honestly think she’s doing the best she can with what she was given to work with, which admittedly at this stage is not much.  Besides, she’s totes adorable, and I’m already dreamcasting her in one of my books.

Daniella Alonso Revolution Nora Can't Do This

Gif chosen for reasons.


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