Revolution: Kashmir

Revolution Poster, Season 1

Led Zeppelin!  There was a lot going on in this week’s episode of Revolution, so I’m going to try to keep the recap short so we can get straight on to the discussion.  Please bear with the gross oversimplifications.

Charlie and the gang go straight to a rebel camp to get help accessing the city.  One guy decides to take a chance on them, and a little gang sets out into the underground to sneak into the city on Miles suggestion.  Charlie blows up part of the tunnel, and they start having vivid hallucinations.  The “friendly” rebel turns out to be a militia spy, shoots them and tries to take Miles hostage.  They all escape, Charlie gets shot in the head, and once recovered, they continue to Monroe.  Meanwhile, Rachel tried to build a bomb, but when that didn’t work, she stabs a guy instead.  Like I said, there was a lot going on this week.

First of all, if there’s a guy who is part of the rebels and doesn’t want to kill Miles, there should be a red flag going up somewhere.   Also, they were warned that there were traps in the tunnels.  So we have Nora and Charlie, walking in front of the group without torches casually chatting about Miles’ sex life, and Charlie steps on a mine.  Seriously, you guys?  You know the tunnels were booby-trapped.  Would it have been that difficult for you guys to have paid attention to where you were going?

Most of the hallucinations were “eh.”  They were saving the emotional punches for the last three.  Specifically Aaron hallucinating Nora as his wife asking him why he left her and Miles hallucinating Monroe.  Being a sailor on the good ship Miloe, obviously I’m going to take the time to talk about that one.  Besides, it was the core of the episode regardless, especially leading up to Miles and Monroe’s real reunion next week.

First of all, that hug nearly killed me, because you have to remember everything that happens in this scene is playing out in Miles’ subconscious.  What he wants more than anything else in the world when he reunites with Monroe is partially the hug and mostly what comes with the hug.  More than anything, Miles wants Monroe to forgive him, not only for trying to kill him but for everything.  For turning him into the monster he is today.  A big part of him realizes the only way he can atone for that is if he rejoins Monroe’s side, effectively leaving behind Charlie and Nora.  And if Monroe would just forgive him, he would do it in a heartbeat.

Of course, other touching moment was with Charlie and her dad after she had been shot.  She wants life to be so simple again, but even after she gets Danny back, she knows it won’t be.

The other thing I want to talk about is Rachel at the end.  I don’t particularly care for this whole good vs evil dichotomy the show is angling for, or at least the way it’s being presented.  When Rachel goes crazy sociopath and murders someone for her family, we’re supposed to view her as being bad ass and heroic.  But when Monroe goes crazy sociopath and murders someone because his family abandoned him, he’s nothing more than a crazy sociopath.  Are we having double standards of hero vs villain, because it doesn’t sit right with me, like Swiss cheese in a lactose intolerant.  I’m double-standard intolerant.

Quote of the night clearly goes to: “Once I saw your pretty face, I knew Monroe would want you more than anything.”

On next week’s episode of Revolution:  Miles destroys his own clothing in an epic sword fight with Monroe.

Revolution Miles Duel-wielding swords

Miles shows off his duel-wielding skills. He needs more practice.


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