Once Upon A Time – Episode 2×01 Broken

I finally started watching Once Upon a Time and have since started season 2.  Don’t judge me, judge the people who built the ABC tower in my city so lowly elevated that not all viewers have access.  But, the first season is on Netflix and the second season is on Hulu plus, so all of that is in the past.  I may not recap all the episodes like I do with Revolution and like what I want to do with Supernatural, but I did want to talk about a few things in the first episode of season 2.

First of all, there’s the inclusion of Mulan.  Not that I’m opposed to Mulan being included, because I actually think it’s kind of awesome, but I’m kind of twitching at what they decided to do with her plotline.  One episode in and the first thing we learn about her after the fact that she’s a pretty capable fighter is that she has fallen in love with Prince Phillip.  Right.  Because everyone knows that you can’t spend any significant amount of time fighting side by side without developing lusty feelings for one another.

Wait.  I have that wrong, don’t I?  This trope only applies when one half of said twosome is female.  Because everyone knows that women are emotionally weak and are incapable of separating adrenaline of the battlefield from deep seeded feelings of true love.  Even badass women like Mulan.  Granted, I’m only one episode into the second season, and she might get better, I just don’t appreciate the fact that it was literally the second thing we learned about her.  Like, her identity might have been comprised had we saved it for a few episodes.

Second, probably unpopular opinion time.  I like Regina.  I am in no way excusing the things that she did, but from a psychological perspective, she’s one of the most interesting characters on the show.  I mean, think about it.  Poor girl grew up in a land where she was told that true love could overcome any obstacle.  And what happened?  A six year old girl couldn’t keep her mouth shut and Cora killed Regina’s love.  All a cruel trick of fate to set Snow White on the path to finding her own true love when she was older.  That would be enough to make any sane person mentally unstable at best.

Basically the message is not that true love conquers all.  True love only really works if you’re a member of the “White” family.  For anyone else, true love can suck it.  Phillip is dead.  Regina’s boyfriend is dead.  Jefferson spent a long time separated from his daughter.  Even when Abigail wants to rescue her true love, she can only do so by hopping on Snow and Charming’s magical, all powerful true love.


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