Ellie Darcey-Alden Appearing on Borgia and Ferrante D’Este

Recently, it was confirmed that Ellie Darcey-Alden (best known for Lilly in Harry Potter) is going to be on Borgia, playing Felice Della Rovere.  Which excites me for a number of reasons.  First of all, it means that Borgia is going to feature all three of my favorite Renaissance ladies.  Second, if they are willing to include Felice, who is only tangent to the Borgia story because her father was Alexander’s sworn enemy, there is a higher change that sooner or later they are going to be including Ferrante.  Things like this keep me up at night.

Now, Ferrante was temporarily engaged to Felice, but she turned him down because she wanted to be a self-sufficient woman, and Ferrante was not nearly old enough or rich enough in order for her to achieve her dreams.  So, she ended up marrying an older man with one foot in the grave who was almost guaranteed to die before his heir would be old enough to inherent.  That’s not the important part.  What I cannot fathom is why it was so difficult for Ferrante to keep these engagements to papal daughters. I mean, I would have married him given the chance.  Sure, he was lazy and lost his job and was ultimately thrown in jail for trying to kill his brother and he may have been gay and had syphilis, but he was hot. I would have married him without a second thought.  We’re talking about a man who not only came from noble blood, but came from a family of brothers who were mostly described as being hot stuff for the time period.  I think my favorite line from Roberta Gellis is when the girls are talking about the family and they mention that they are sculpted like Roman gods.  Historically, Ferrante was compared to St. George when he rode into Florence.  So if we combine picture 1 with picture 2, clearly what my mind comes up with is picture 3.  This also means Ferrante rode into Florence and slew a dragon.

250px-Michelangelo_Bacchus Carpaccio_Vittore-St_George_and_the_Dragon.normal350full

Okay, so this is another shameless plug for Dan Feuerriegel to play Ferrante on some version of the Borgias.  Hopefully mine when I get published, but at this point, I would settle for him being on either the Showtime version or the Canal+ version.  Actually, I just want Ferrante to be on the show.  I wouldn’t even be particular about the casting.  He only needs to be on the show for a moment.  No one understands quite how much I love Ferrante, not even the historical societies.

This has been the December 11th, 2012 edition of Bubbles’ thoughts on history, historical dramas, and who should be playing Ferrante d’Este.


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