Supernatural: The amulet, Charlie! The magical amulet! Sparkles sparkles!

Supernatural Season 8 LogoCharlie’s back!  Because if there’s one thing that makes any episode of Supernatural better, it’s an openly queer character who doesn’t die.  Actually, I’m under the impression that this would make any episode of any show better, as well as a higher inclusion of women and poc in general, but I digress.  Actually, with the inclusion of Gilda as the fairy trapped by Boltor that Charlie momentarily hooks up with, this episode met all three of those requirements.  Keep up the good work, Supernatural.

As it turns out, the incredibly awesome Garth has been tracking hunters across the country using the GPS in their phones to hook them up with possible cases remotely close to where they are.  Which is actually an incredibly genius idea, which means Garth should be given a lot more credit than the Winchesters actually want to give, because his stalking them is actually helping them do their jobs more effectively, which means more people saved.  Garth is the best thing that ever happened to the hunting community.  Until he, you know, either dies or turns out to be evil, one of which is inevitable on this show.

Their primary suspect in a bizarre murder case dies in the police station shortly after they interrogate him.  The only thing the two victims had in common was Moondor, and when the boys check it out, they discover that the queen of Moondor is none other than Charlie.

They check out the LARPing site and are instantly school by Boltor on how fake their FBI badges were.  I’m slightly disappointed that he turned out to be the villain, because he actually started the episode in a really awesome place.  He tells them the queen doesn’t have time for unscheduled visitors, but they can watch her test the new recruits.

When she sees the boys, Charlie starts to run, because wherever they are, she knows that the monsters are close behind.  Eventually, she decides to help them, however, because a queen does not leave her subjects.  And she’s tired of running.  And there are some really pretty girls in the game.

tumblr_mh4lcik4WJ1ro7knro4_250Dean gets sucked into the game as the Queen’s newest handmaiden as they try to figure out where the tree comes from that was etched onto all the victim’s arms.

Sam, on the other hand, gets to hit the tech tent to use the computer to do some research.  And this is where things got really awesome.  Because except for Sam’s computer and the girl sitting next to him, all the other computers in the room were playing Dragon Age 2.  And not just Mark of the Assassin.  While the shot of Tallis was the most easily viewed shot of the game when Sam walked into the tent, I also got a glimpse of Varric  in the The Hanged Man.  Dragon Age 2 just merged with Supernatural.  It was  awesome.

Dean goes on the hunt alone, sending the queen back to Sam.  Unfortunately, she never gets there.  On the way, she gets kidnapped by Gilda, a fairy who was summoned to our world by Boltor and who really just wants to find a way home.  And possibly a way into Charlie’s pants.

Charlie becomes the hero, sends Gilda home, and Dean gets to reenact a scene from Braveheart.  Huzzah!


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