Review: The Twitter Job Search Guide: Find a Job and Advance Your Career in Just 15 Minutes a Day

The Twitter Job Search Guide: Find a Job and Advance Your Career in Just 15 Minutes a Day
The Twitter Job Search Guide: Find a Job and Advance Your Career in Just 15 Minutes a Day by Susan Whitcomb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I should start by admitting that I am not twitter-savy. At all. Which is odd for someone my age considering I actually made my first twitter account when I was in college. But I kept getting bogged down by all my questions that I never really had time to enjoy the experience. I’m not a celebrity, will anyone really care about my tweets? Why am I not getting any followers? Will I sound like a crazy stalker if I tweet this to so-and-so? Why is it so short? Why does nobody ever tweet me back when I DM them?

This book, despite being about how to utilize Twitter to your best advantage while on the job market, answered all my questions and more. People will care about my tweets if I tweet about something worth caring about, regardless of my non-celebrity status. I’m not getting any followers because the only people I have a tendency to follow are celebrities, and I need to network more within my own field, aka, I need to find all the mid-grade writers out there. Not the super-famous ones, because they won’t care either. Yes, I will sound like a crazy stalker, but chances are they’ve probably heard worse, and there’s always a chance a handler will catch it before it ever reaches those eyes if it’s too crazy. It’s short because if you can’t say something briefly, it’s probably not worth saying. Unless, of course, you’re a reviewer, in which case being too brief will probably be more damaging in the long run. Nobody ever tweets me back because by twitter’s standards, I look like a robot. I had a logo instead of my picture in the picture box, and I post mostly links to articles. My articles, because I thought it would be an easy way for people to keep updated with what I’m writing without being forced to subscribe to e-mail or check back to the site every day. For a book teaching me the basics of twitter, it’s the best one I’ve found so far.

However, this book was not intended for the socially inept learning to navigate twitter with their own flippers. No, it was about utilizing twitter to maximize your job search by networking with other people in your field. Ingenious, really, and it comes complete with several real-life examples of people who have found their job via the magic of twitter. We all know networking is important when it comes to finding a job, but this book breaks it down into a way that will also help you with your resume and your elevator pitch. Humans have a short attention span, which is one of the reasons why twitter limits you to so many characters. If you can’t capture the attention of a recruiter within the span of thirty seconds (about as long as it would take to speak an average tweet), then you’re likely not going to get the job. The rules for navigating twitter have real life applications on how you can shorten what you say and maximize your impact.

As to whether or not this book succeeds in helping you get a job via Twitter, or even if it helped with my twitter skills in general, well, I’ll have to let you know on that one.

In the meantime, remember to follow me on Twitter @bubbles_lynne. March is going to be Ferrante d’Este appreciation month as I tweet one fact about Ferrante a day for the entire month as we lead into the third season of The Borgias on Showtime. It’s going to be amazing.

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