Supernatural: Everybody Hates Hitler. Death to All Pigeons

Supernatural Season 8 LogoNazis! German! Golems! This episode of Supernatural was light on plot, but heavy on the geekery.  Which made it a welcome addition to Edlund’s usual line-up.  It was also nice because he actually managed to not break my heart for once.

Back in the 1940’s,  a group of Nazis get attacked by a rather large man that can’t seem to be stopped.  Fast forward to today and we find out that those Nazis were necromancers trying to find a way to create zombies, and there was a secret order of Rabbis dedicated to stopping them.  The large, unstoppable man was actually a golem who serves the last remaining member of the order.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean find the old command center for the Men of Letters, which just so happens to be in Kansas, and they make themselves right at home.  There’s also a reference to Cas, Kevin and Garth, just so you remember that while Sam and Dean are the only regulars in this episode, there are still other characters out there that are important to them.

Sam finds out about a guy who spontaneously combusted in Pennsylvania, and they go to investigate, which is where they meet Aaron, the last surviving descendant of the Rabbis who fight those Nazis.  And they meet his golem, who is actually quite useful to have around in a fight.  Also, Sammy knows how the Library of Congress system works.  I’m glad someone does.

At any rate, the show ended in a non-depressing way, at which point, I started to wonder if I had accidentally switched to another show.


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