Supernatural – Trial and Error: Deals, deals for everyone!

Supernatural Season 8 Logo

Kevin’s back!  Wow, I’ve missed that little guy; that poor, stressed college aged man who feels like he has the weight of the whole world on his shoulders.  Except for that part where he actually does, I went to school with a lot of young men just like Kevin.  Except what he’s studying could change the world forever.  So he’s staying up late and taking far too many pills, but it may have paid off.  Kevin thinks he may have found the way to shut the gates to Hell by undergoing a series of trials.  Question, if they manage to succeed in shutting the gates of Hell, what are they going to do with Season 9?  Also, if they kill Crowley, they’re going to have a hard time persuading me to come back, regardless of what the ratings say about the show.

Kevin shares his news with the Winchesters and Dean decides they are going to undergo the trials, the first of which is to kill a hellhound and to bathe in its blood.  Delicious.  So, they start looking around for anyone in the near vicinity whose fortunes changed considerably exactly ten years ago in the hopes of snagging themselves a hound when it comes to collect.  They find a promising enough looking family, but before they can figure out who made the deal, the “trophy” husband dies.  Killed by a hellhound.  Balls.

But wait, as Sam is playing the dutiful butler for the family dinner that evening he finds out that ten years ago, the family had an encounter with a traveling salesman named Crowley.  Who likely made more than one deal while he was in the area.  Kevin gives them a spell for glasses to see the hellhounds, so I guess they fixed that problem with the budget where they couldn’t actually show us hellhounds before.  Ahem.  Sam guards the family while Dean goes all sacrificial lamb in an attempt to track down the beastie.  Crowley’s beastie, need I remind you, which means his poor baby has been slaughtered.

Unfortunately, Dean gets sidetracked by a pretty girl on the way who just so happens to be the hellhound’s primary target.   Dean, though adorable in his glasses, fails to kill the beast, and Sam ends up doing it instead.  Which makes sense, because it actually is Sam’s turn to die again.  Just saying.


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